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Announcing the Replay Team Championship!

May 23, 2019

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If you’re a poker player, then you’re a fan of a little friendly competition. But what if you could compete with your friends? In an all-new promotion on Replay Poker, you can do just that!

Introducing the Replay Team Championship, kicking off June 22nd! In this promotion, we’re asking you to find two of your friends to compete with you in a series of completely free tournaments every Saturday at 3pm ET.

Over the course of seven weeks, your team will be competing against others in a series of 6-max NL Hold’em tournaments. Each player will participate in a different tournament to ensure the integrity of the game. These tournaments will run concurrently and give you each the opportunity to earn points for your team.

So, what are your teams playing for? Not only will there be more than 50 million chips in free prizes, we’re also giving out special swag prizes to those who make the final table!

The first thing you need is a captain! Determine who on your team will be Player A (the captain), Player B, and Player C. Your team captain should e-mail [email protected] and tell us your team name, along with your players’ names and assigned letters. The other two team members should e-mail the same address to confirm that they want to participate on the team.

Need a team? No problem! We’ve created a forum thread right here where you can find other players to join up together. Don’t forget, you can also invite your friends to join Replay and participate with you. Using our referral program, each of you will net 10,000 free chips as well.

Find your friends and create your dream team!