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April didn’t fool these monthly winners!

May 1, 2020

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No foolin’ — these players shined in the month of April! Check out who stayed home, stayed safe, and topped our leaderboards.

Our Spring SnG Marathon is still underway, but katch51 is going the distance with a two-week streak with the most wins!

Congratulations to our monthly winners:

Monthly SnG LB – Low – Winners: satchypaul | JamesGraham | lbert1262
Monthly SnG LB – Medium – Winners: Patriotman | satchypaul | jazzbythebay
Monthly SnG LB – High – Winners: satchypaul | sukrpnchsally | froggybottom
Monthly MTT LB – Hold’em Low – Winners: Godeek | ZoranPetrov | kigall009
Monthly MTT LB – Hold’em Medium – Winners: tatsel | 55JP55 | 1979chris
Monthly MTT LB – Hold’em High – Winners: -sick- | DaPeanut | CaesarsGaul
Monthly MTT LB – Omaha Hi-Lo – Winners: Quazar53 | Area51mutant | Rootman311
Monthly MTT LB – Omaha – Winners: royaldab | capthfd | paychkcharlie
Monthly MTT LB – Royal – Winners: BingoTLong | EduPagli | ZeFab
American League – Winners: johnnyk364 | pmv | RavenL
Asian League – Winners: LoboGris | joachim63 | HATMAN17
European League – Winners: HATMAN17 | robbie966 | barry4470
Oceanic League – Winners: johnnyk364 | Matchstk | HATMAN17

April’s winners certainly had a spring in their step! A special shout-out goes to satchypaul, who placed in the top two of all the SnG leaderboards, taking first twice. Well done!

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