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Congrats to May’s magnificent winners!

June 4, 2018

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It’s time to share all our victories for the month of May!

rockstars007 conquered our Stonehenge leaderboard, winning a whopping 836 hands in our designated ring games! Shock-Top took out our highest-placing staff member, wordy1, in May’s Bust the Staff, but it’s turnip_nacho who’s taken first place on our yearly Bust the Staff leaderboard. Can he keep those bust-outs high to claim the million chip prize? We won’t know until December!

Join us in congratulating our monthly leaderboard winners! These all-stars collected big prizes and bragging rights for the month of May:

Monthly SnG LB – Low – Winners: RockStone | 22georgina | devonaces
Monthly SnG LB – Medium – Winners: floridajetski | SharonSmarty | morgan11
Monthly SnG LB – High – Winners: Badonkidonk | olepop | cottage3
Monthly MTT LB – Hold’em Low – Winners: ribar072 | Pedler70 | Matchstk
Monthly MTT LB – Hold’em Medium – Winners: irvingtx | dt24 | Gwenative
Monthly MTT LB – Hold’em High – Winners: Ruthless007 | pokalot | dt24
Monthly MTT LB – Omaha Hi-Lo – Winners: LJesse128 | Bella_Amare | jfrazer3
Monthly MTT LB – Omaha – Winners: capthfd | royaldab | Asturias
Monthly MTT LB – Royal – Winners: EduPagli | pageo | urmyatm
American League – Winners: pmv | FatnSassy | wrexxx
Asian League – Winners: ribar072 | bobinmo | friscoslet
European League – Winners: DOMPITA | friscoslet | wrexxx
Oceanic League – Winners: creditsolut | Kelly525 | bambam5

Way to go, winners! And a special shout-out to EduPagli, who has a four-month winning streak in Royal, and LJesse128, who’s topped Omaha Hi-Lo for three months straight!

June has even more opportunities to top the leaderboard and claim millions in free chips, including our Leaning Tower of Pisa promotion, running through Monday, June 11th. Best of luck!