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Congratulations to the winners of the Replay Poker Online Series VII!

October 15, 2019

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The seventh iteration of the Replay Poker Online Series has come to an end! Battles were fought and victors were crowned. Here are your winners for RPOS VII!

We fired up RPOS with our returning promotion, Satellite Fever. For three weeks, we ran a weekly leaderboard and the players who earned the most tickets were Matchstk in week one, HeyPatrick in week two, and cas- in week three. Way to heat things up right away!

Next up: League of Legends! This promotion was back for another year, and a new legend was born: Goatsoup! Not only did he take the top spot, he also won three different RPOS events. Congratulations!

Our High Roller Showdown was a brand new level of competition this year. Our first ever leaderboard winner was … DudeItsDad! This high roller also won two HRS events along the way.

Finally, it’s time to announce our Champion of Champions. We invited everyone who came in first place during our RPOS or HRS events to compete against each other in an elite event, the Tournament of Champions, streamed live by GoldenDonkey. Congratulations to Galak! After beating out the pack, Galak has chosen to rename the Lunar Storm tournament to Galaktic Storm. Well done!

You can watch a video of the Tournament of Champions right here, and find out which player accurately predicted that Galak would be our winner: