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Give a big hand to our final winners of 2020!

January 5, 2021

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We can’t wait to be through with 2020, but not without congratulating our big winners! Take a look at who prevailed both in December and for the whole year.

The top hunter in our Santa’s Ticket Hunt promotion is none other than morcosborcos, a fierce competitor in many of our special leaderboards!

In Santa’s Stunning SnGs, Goatsoup came out on top in both points and knockouts — managing to best last year’s winner, Tiggy! She was no slouch, coming in right behind in second place.

Now it’s time to give a huge hand to our yearly leaderboard winners! It’s quite a feat to come out on top over the whole year — especially such a tumultuous one:

Yearly MTT LB – Hold’em Low – Winners: Txloanguy | wizeoldman | ZoranPetrov
Yearly MTT LB – Hold’em Medium – Winners: vladika10 | razylee | Tiggy
Yearly MTT LB – Hold’em High – Winners: ttier1 | -sick- | dt24
Yearly MTT LB – Omaha Hi-Lo – Winners: fill119 | Quazar53 | sunnedaze
Yearly MTT LB – Omaha – Winners: royaldab | payckcharlie | Phish33
Yearly MTT LB – Royal – Winners: EduPagli | MojoWorking | ZeFab

And finally, 66ALDO66 and Djsnb tied for first place on our Bust the Staff leaderboard, with an impressive 31 KOs! That’s six more than last year’s top winner.

Now, onto our December winners:

Monthly SnG LB – Low – Winners: JamesGraham | Natesgpa | bearleasane
Monthly SnG LB – Medium – Winners: Stryker1 | dixieclassic | Bbgood
Monthly SnG LB – High – Winners: satchypaul | Badonkidonk | affautos
Monthly MTT LB – Hold’em Low – Winners: Big_stack | wizeoldman | 505UNPUNXL
Monthly MTT LB – Hold’em Medium – Winners: vladika10 | rob92 | Drasko
Monthly MTT LB – Hold’em High – Winners: ttier1 | vemmaleader | -PMD-
Monthly MTT LB – Omaha Hi-Lo – Winners: sunnedaze | fill119 | jfrazer3
Monthly MTT LB – Omaha – Winners: payckcharlie | oneelephant22 | royaldab
Monthly MTT LB – Royal – Winners: EduPagli | whip2870 | coffee36
American League – Winners: pmv | southwestmba | fleeter
Asian League – Winners: sulli1 | Galletto | 1979chris
European League – Winners: barry4470 | Galak | 1979chris
Oceanic League – Winners: epa2016 | bahia7 | LLOYD12

Thanks for sticking through 2020 in style, winners!

Does 2021 fill you with optimism? Keep an eye on our promotions page for your next chance to compete!