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How to chat with other players at Replay Poker

June 21, 2022

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Catch Up With Friends Old and New With Table Chat!

It’s our community that makes Replay Poker the friendliest and most welcoming online poker room you’ll ever experience.

We believe that poker is a competitive, social game that works best when real people get together, whether that’s online or round the table in person. If you’ve ever played poker vs. a computer you’ll know what we mean – from pulling off an audacious bluff, to making a courageous and well-reasoned call, there’s just no substitute for outsmarting a real human being!

At Replay Poker you’ll always be facing real players who love to play poker, just like you, so why not use the Chat feature to say “hi” to the people at your table?

Your Chat Options

To set your chat preferences, click or tap the ‘Chat’ tab in any open Replay Poker table to choose from the following options:

  • Players only

The chat box will only show comments from the players at your table.

  • Dealer only

You’ll only see messages from the Dealer, tracking the events of the hand currently being played.

  • Broadcast only

Get updates from us on exciting tournaments and games starting soon.

  • All Chat

All of the above (this is the default setting).

Our Chat Guidelines

The Chat feature exists to bring players together for a more fun and authentic poker experience. Many players enjoy sharing their news, views and their love of the game using friendly and inclusive chat, and there are a few key abbreviations that crop up regularly.

Handy Chat Abbreviations

  • “gg”: good game
  • “wp”: well played
  • “wd”: well done
  • “u2”: you too
  • “nh”: nice hand
  • “ty”: thank you
  • “gf”: good fold
  • “gc”: good call
  • “lol”: laugh out loud
  • “omg”: oh my gosh
  • “wtf”: whoa, that flop! 😉

What Replay Poker Chat is For

Just like in-person conversations at the poker table, chat at Replay Poker is for players to share the fun and get to know one another.

Perhaps a player at your table is using an avatar of your favorite sports team, or the flag of your home country? Say hi! You may have more interests in common than your choice of poker room!

Or maybe one player in your game keeps getting outdrawn but is taking it all in their stride? Or you’ve just gotten lucky and won a pot you shouldn’t have even played (it’s happened to us all!).

Let your fellow players know you’re a friendly face by joining the discussions in the chat box, and play your part in Replay Poker’s reputation as a warm and welcoming poker site!

And hey, did you know you can even endorse other players for things like being helpful, knowledgeable or a good sport?

What Replay Poker Chat is Not For

We’re proud of the community our players are building, and won’t stand for anyone being made to feel uncomfortable, offended, threatened or unsafe when they spend time at Replay Poker.

As a result, the following types of behavior are not acceptable within chat:

  • Profanity, vulgarity or obscenity
  • Harassment, threats, hate speech, references to terrorism
  • Racist, sexist, religious or political slurs/rhetoric
  • The promotion of crime or illegal drugs
  • Sexual content, references to sexual crimes
  • Name-calling, personal attacks or remarks explicitly intended to cause offence
  • General rudeness or taunting
  • ‘Flooding’ the chat (making constant comments so other comments cannot be read)
  • ‘Shouting’ in all caps
  • Advertising
  • Any form of cheating or collusion

All players have the option to mute any player(s) they choose to, but if you are having problems with people violating these guidelines our advice is: don’t get mad, get a moderator!

It’s easy to report bad behavior, click here for details. Our moderators and support team take all reports seriously, and do their very best to investigate any such reports within 24 hours.

In addition to the guidelines above, we also ask that players consider the effects of starting discussions around topics such as politics and religion. Highly emotional topics like these can easily derail a poker game, no matter where it is played, so please be considerate; there are other places better suited to these discussions!

For more details on our behavior guidelines, and the penalties which may be imposed for violations, check out our Community Playbook.

Language Rules

Many poker sites enforce an ‘English-only’ chat rule, but Replay Poker players come from all over the world and we have no wish to discriminate against non-English speakers.

No matter which language you speak, you are welcome to use that language in chat at Replay Poker, but please be aware that our chat rules and guidelines apply to everyone, regardless of language.

Revealing Hole Cards & Discussing a Hand in Play

As is the case with most brick & mortar poker rooms, players are not permitted to discuss a hand being played, or to discuss their hole cards, if they are not involved in the hand themselves.

We know it can be tempting! Imagine you fold 7-2 preflop, only to see the flop come 2-2-2? The urge to share your close call with quads is understandable, but think for a moment about the effect that would have on those still in the hand.

Revealing that the fourth deuce is not in play would alter the best hand it is possible to make, potentially changing the way the hand plays out for those still involved. It would also introduce an element of mind games (are you even telling the truth about the deuce?), which is unfair on the players competing for the pot – a pot in which you have no interest, having folded.

Once a hand is finished, you may discuss your hole cards if you wish. Whether the other players will believe you, though, is another question entirely!

A Chatty Table is a Good Table

It’s often been said that the more talkative and lively a live table is, the bigger the pots and the better the game! The same is true online, so feel free to relax and join in the chat as much as you want to.

With the help of players like you and our thriving community, Replay Poker can continue to build its reputation as the number one safe, fun and fair choice for all poker players across the world.