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How to win big with Replay Poker’s billionth hand celebration!

May 9, 2023

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A Billion Reasons to Celebrate

Unbelievable as it seems, Replay Poker will shortly be celebrating one billion hands dealt!

As none of this would have been possible without YOU, our amazing community, we’re going to be awarding over ONE BILLION CHIPS to players in special Milestone Hand chip drops.

You see the hand number ID in the top-left of your table window? Well, starting with the hand with the number ID 995,000,000 – and every 500,000  poker hands from then until hand number one billion – we’ll be awarding massive chip prizes to every player dealt into these Milestone Hands.

This will culminate with hand number one billion, which will award a huge 1,000,000,000 chips divided between all the players in the hand!

Any Stakes, Any Game: Anyone Can Win!

We have no way of knowing exactly when each Milestone Hand will be dealt: it could be on a ring game table, a SnG, an MTT, or even a freeroll! Every game type is eligible, and it could even be at a heads-up table.

While hand number one billion will award a billion chips, the Milestone Hands leading up to it will award different amounts depending on the stakes being played (as defined by the ‘Stakes’ filter in the ring game lobby and the ‘Buy-in’ filter in the tournament lobby).

  • Milestone Hands played at Low Stakes will receive a chip drop of 5,000,000 chips
  • Milestone Hands played at Medium Stakes will receive 10,000,000 chips
  • Milestone Hands at High Stakes tables will be awarded 25,000,000 chips
  • Milestone Hands in Elite Stakes games will receive 100,000,000 chips

If a Milestone Hand is dealt to only 2 or 3 players, the winner of the hand will receive 60% of the prize and any other players will receive an equal share of 40% (or the whole 40% if the hand is heads-up).

A Milestone Hand dealt to four or more players will see the hand’s winner receive 50% of the prize, with the remaining 50% divided equally between all other players dealt in.

Head over to the promo page to find out more.

These chip drops are our way of saying THANK YOU to all our players who have helped make Replay Poker what it is: the best social poker site on the internet!

Here’s to the next billion hands!