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Looking for more free chips? Learn about Leagues and Leaderboards!

March 31, 2021

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Replay Poker is home to exciting, engaging, and competitive leaderboards, where players can fight it out for free chips and bragging rights! We share answers to some common questions about this feature.

When do they run? All the time!

Most importantly, when do winners receive their awards? (Nobody wants to wait forever to get their prize, right?) It depends on how long they last. They typically run one week (usually Sunday to Saturday), one calendar month, or one year. Our seasonal promotions often have daily leaderboards, too.  

Is there an entry fee, or do I need to opt in? No, many events are automatically counted on leaderboards. The prizes are an added bonus to the most successful players. You do need to pay the poker tournament entry fee for each game though, so it’s wise to make sure you have enough buy-ins to stay the duration if you intend to have a good chance.

What games do I need to play? Just about any you like. Apart from the recently introduced 7 Card Stud games, there are always ongoing competitions. Play Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, and Royal Hold’em in multi-table (MTT) or sit and go (SnG) tournaments. There are seasonal promotions, too — ring game tables become the venue for leaderboards, using ring game points

Where do I see the standings? Over on our promotions page. You can the Regular Leaderboards and Regular Leagues section on the left-hand list. There’s plenty of information about scoring there, too!

How are the scores worked out? It depends! Different formats have slightly different systems, but there’s usually one that’ll suit your style.

What are the prizes? Millions of extra chips, of course!

Each month, Replay Poker awards more than 150 million chips between all our permanent weekly and monthly leaderboards. The most common scoring type is tournament points.

Tournament points are awarded based on your finish position in each tournament over the course of the leaderboard duration. Each game earns you more points, so it can be important to hang in there when you are the low stack. While higher stake games can award more tournament points than lower stake games, each leaderboard is self-contained and configured for just the one set of games, meaning it is not always relevant to compare points earned in one stake or type of game to another.

So, the player who plays most often wins? No! Replay leaderboards are intended to give everyone a chance just for taking part. For example, the Astral SnG Leagues and Gemstone MTT Leagues are divided into two types, Best and First, so that players who play often may do well in the Best category, but as long as you complete as many of the First 7 or First 20 as you can, your score has exactly the same chance of doing well as everyone else’s.

  • Best means that the top scores of all your games are counted. This means that a new score might dislodge a previous score once you have reached the threshold.
  • First means the very first tournaments of that type you play from the start of the league’s leaderboard duration.

Another fun scoring type is Knockouts. Whenever you eliminate someone from a tournament, you score a Knockout point. This is how the Bust The Staff! leaderboard is calculated. It is commonly used on periodic Replay SnG promotions for a fast and fun daily or weekly leaderboard.

A more complex tournament points system is used for the Monthly SnG and MTT leaderboards, along with our yearly leaderboards. For these, your average score is calculated. This means that if you’ve reached the threshold we use and a later score is lower than your running average, your score will drop. But this score type gives you the chance to recover from a bad spell.

Ring game points are only used in ring games, and widely different stakes can be included in the same leaderboard. Ring game points are a score type which can go down as well, so be careful to not tilt away your points. On the other hand, you may want to change your style a bit if you need a bit of a surge to overtake those above you in the league.