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Meet 2021’s Replay Team Championship contenders! (Part 1)

June 9, 2021

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The Replay Team Championship has returned, and we can’t wait to see who reigns supreme! Teams will be fighting it out for the top spot throughout the summer.

These our 2021 contenders! Because we have many teams in the running, we’ll be sharing their profiles in several posts. We’ve also included some of the graphics these teams made to represent themselves. Teams are listed in order of when they answered our interview questions.

Please note — teams who did not respond to questions are not included. You can view the full list of teams right here.

Pocket Aces
Players: Lorraine246, Zarcon411, NOMONEY666
Profile: These players found each other through the Find a Team thread on Replay’s forum. Their captain chose their name for its awesome hand strength! “As a team, we can build on each other’s strengths, and compensate for our individual weaknesses,” Lorraine246 describes.


Shady Sharks
Players: Galak, -BlackWidow-, Crosby63
Profile: These players opted to team up because they already work as a team in the Muckers private league.

See a man about a dog
Players: Scrub44, whip2870, Augie56
Profile: Scrub44 and whip2870 are friends on the site, and decided to team up together. Whip brought Augie56 on board, and now they’re looking forward to having some fun!

Players: VivaLVegas, JBHT2, Redrider53
Profile: CanAm is returning for a second year, after finishing second in the qualifiers last year! Though they didn’t make it through the following stage, they had a great time and have kept in touch since. “Each of us were interested in the team format, and really enjoyed the competitive and team aspects of the tournament,” VivaLVegas explains. “Reminded me of the Ryder Cup or a swim relay team, with teammates typically competing individually coming together to perform as a team, and trying harder for the team’s success to avoid letting the team down.”

The Untouchables
Players: grapevine, Johno59, Tiandra
Profile: The Untouchables have been in it to win it from RTC’s inception! These players connected on a former site, and their name is an ode to their time there. “Playing on a team means you are playing for two other people instead of for yourself, and the adrenaline really gets flowing as you try your best to support your friends and not let them down,” team captain grapevine says. “The feeling of unity with your teamies and the way you support each other is a welcome change from playing a solo game.”

Restless Hearts
Players: morcosborcos, funlovenit2, TroubleUnit
Profile: morcosborcos and funlovenit2 played in RTC together last year, and needed to find a new competitor to join them. “Unfortunately, we lost a bet and now we’re stuck with TroubleUnit, a skilled player with a positive personality,” jokes their captain. Their name comes from their combination of being all heart, but restless with their desire to win and have fun. “People and poker were made for each other. We think the poker gods invented people because they needed someone to deal cards to,” says morcosborcos. “Team poker is just plain fun, and it gives you that little extra inspiration to play well because you’ve got other people counting on you.”


Con Artistes
Players: SharonSmarty, JanCee, recon0419
Profile: These players are already good friends after playing many games together in a private league. SharonSmarty shares the reason for their team name: “Jan is an artist with knitting needles, and me with a paintbrush. Recon is a war veteran who we have nothing but respect for. Put the to together and voila, we became the Con Artistes.” They love playing poker together, and have found that they’re all a wonderful support system for each other — whether it’s cheering or laughing! “This is a tough competition and we need to take our best shots at every opportunity,” SharonSmarty shares.

Crazy Canucks
Players: SilentOutlaw, LLarryG, coolbob
Profile: Last year, the Crazy Canucks came in sixth place overall in the Championship! So it’s only natural that these three family members want to team up again. This year, they’re going for the title. “Our team name is based on the fact that we are three crazy Canadians,” says captain SilentOutlaw. Better watch out!

Hook ‘Em
Players: Carpinator, Bouchet, Bufude
Profile: Carpinator and Bouchet teamed up together last year, and found Bufude through the forum to round out their team this year. Carpinator is currently fighting stage 4 endometrial cancer, and was reluctant to captain a team again this year. Thanks to some encouragement from her son, she went for it, and Hook ‘Em is back in action! What have they learned from last year? Their captain replies, “Just like fishing, patience, patience, patience. Then recognizing the moment and hooking them!”

Rockets Badger Stars
Players: Wisc_Badger, Rocketmike, Stephstars
Profile: After forming up for 2020’s RTC, these players became even better friends through the tournament. They’re back in 2021, and ready to take on the competition! Wisc_Badger says, “I was surprised last year at how much being on a team added to the fun. When I was playing, I really wanted to do well for my teammates. When I didn’t, I felt like I let them down.” He explains that they expected people to play tight, and that proved to be correct. “Good learning experience and we are better poker players for having done that. If you lose but you learned something by putting yourself out there, that’s good.”

Oceans 3

Ocean’s 3
Players: Matchstk, bat6, cas-
Profile: We’ll just let bat6 speak for the team here: “We teamed up under the delusion that our combined years of runner-up-at-best finishes in the Oceanic Regional could somehow add up to success if we took our unified chances to the almighty RTC. After consulting bahia7, Oceanic Queen and Chief Oracle, she bestowed upon us the name “Ocean’s 3” and sent us forth with her blessing under the strict condition that we tie our shoes before running with scissors. We’re extremely excited to play as a team (well actually we’re terrified but that’s kinda like being excited), but please don’t ask us what we’ve learned in the past because we can’t remember our own phone numbers much less how to play in this here tourney.”

The Whammos
Players: Netter1, tamo734, Gramma3434
Profile: The Whammos have been playing together for three years now! They met on Replay long ago and became fast friends. As for what they’ve learned from playing in each RTC, Netter1 has this to say: “Gramma said she has learned to take more risks and to not be nervous as it is a fun game. And the river is her enemy! Tamo has learned to be more patient and enjoy the game and the friends we are playing against. I have learned to try to not put pressure on myself as team captain and just play like in any tourney.”

Cassie’s Clan
Players: vtpcwizard, will_lira, tulsamedic701
Profile: This team formed when vtpcwizard recruited will_lira, who in turn brought in tulsamedic701! They played with different players last year, but are excited to team up together this time around. vtpcwizard shares their goals for 2021: “Showing up; playing well; having a positive (focus on the fun) attitude!”

Poker Dawgs
Players: XLCokeZero, 31tmoney312, dawgs32
Profile: These teammates have known each other since preschool! Not only are they teaming up here on Replay, but they’re also on a baseball team together called “Diamond Dawgs” — which is the inspiration for their name. “I like team play so much better because if you are solo you can only rely on yourself,”

Tuga Doha
Profile: This team consists of friends from Portugal who are currently living in Qatar. Their name comes from a nickname for Portuguese folks (Tuga). They look forward to playing as a team! JZG tells us, “I must say Replay Poker made quarantine a bit fun. We started to play due to Covid.”

Grr exploding

Players: EduPagli, Sue13, KRS
Profile: These RTC first-timers met each other playing Royal Hold’em together. “GRRR!” comes from their reaction when they encounter chip bullies and bingo players! EduPagli shares, “I find it interesting to play as a team — to collaborate with everyone to achieve a goal. It generates commitment and responsibility.”

AbsolutelyNuts grn

The Absolute Nuts
Players: BeeSlick, RavenL, percyveer
Profile: “Absolute nuts is the best hand possible on the board and is expected to win. We expect to win,” team captain BeeSlick says, comin’ out swinging! He feels the concept of team poker is the same reason the Ryder Cup is fun for golf fans. “Both activities are an individual endeavor with each player vs. the field,” he explains. “Team play brings about the same camaraderie and shared experience.” BeeSlick knows that this is a long event and that you’ve gotta show up for your team to have the best chances.


The Chosen Ones
Players: AirZiggy, ChicagoSerbs, PF540
Profile: Team captain AirZiggy sent out some feelers for RTC amongst his friends. ChicagoSerbs joined in, and they brought PF540 aboard after that. Although he’s new to Replay Poker since last July, AirZiggy has taken to MTTs and looks forward to sharing the experience with teammates.

PP team
Players: rissopoker, gerardou123, DolarBoyy
Profile: These players are friends from Argentina. They’re beginners, but look forward to having fun in the tournament!

Team Pacita
Players: MarioFacuseG, jesusweiler, manueleuc18
Profile: Team Pacita has known each other since they were all eight years old! “We selected that name because one of our members is in love with a girl named Pacita,” their captain says.

Please welcome these 20 teams to the Championship! Who do you think will be a tough opponent? Do you have a team you’re rooting for? We’ll be highlighting the next round of teams soon.