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Meet 2021’s Replay Team Championship contenders! (Part 2)

June 11, 2021

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The Replay Team Championship has arrived, and teams are in the thick of fighting it out! Only one team will remain after some intense summer competition.

Announcing the remainder of our 2021 contenders! We included graphics that these players shared for their teams in the forum. Teams are listed in order of when they answered our interview questions.

As a reminder — teams who did not respond to questions are not included. You can view the full list of teams right here.

The Sub-Standard Yams
Players: moeron, RockStone, mrzick
Profile: This team began as strangers, but teamed up after meeting each other on the forum. “We decided that we should combine our otherworldly powers as a team and show everyone how poker is played,” team captain moeron shares. Their team name comes from a name that moeron wanted to give his own band at one point. Though he says he learned nothing when he participated last year, we expect that moeron and the rest of this team will be tough competition!


The Best
Players: Nicasurf, Freeto, Grizy-
Profile: These players are already friends from playing together in private leagues. Nicasurf expects good things: “I admire the style of my teammates, and we all trust each other’s abilities.”

Players: Belizebum, Ninjareal, You_Mad_Bro
Profile: This team came together after playing in the CardsChat private league, and they frequently chat on Facebook to talk out poker hands. “We all have different styles of play, so I think we can use this to our advantage,” Belizebum explains. “We are always chatting about strategies and player types so we can have an edge.”

Vikings Kastle of Comfort
Players: Mnvikings, KastleKnight, Comfortmaker
Profile: Team captain Mnvikings has been friends with KastleKnight since junior year of high school! They’re in their 40s now, so that’s a long friendship. Comfortmaker is a new friend to both of them on Replay. “Being able to share in the victory or defeat with my brother from another mother gives you a feeling that can’t be described,” Mnvikings says. “We will talk about this for time to come, no matter the outcome.”

3 Good Men With Pocket Aces
Players: Smooth99, Kingcoal, Raz24
Profile: Assisted by the Find a Team thread on the Replay Poker forum, these players came together to join up! “Based on the forum thread comments, the past participants seemed to have had really fun time. And I always like to just be able to relax and have fun while playing poker,” Smooth99 tells us.

lady and tramps

Lady and the Tramps
Players: Goatsoup, Tiggyxxx, ClintEastwood
Profile: Lady and the Tramps are back! Fierce competitors in previous team tournaments and other promotions, they are a force to be reckoned with. Before the first RTC, Goatsoup sought out tough players, and noticed that Tiggy and ClintEastwood were regulars at the top of the MTT leaderboards. “All they would need to win would be to find a three-legged donkey to carry them over the finish line,” Goatsoup describes. “The rest of this fairy tale is yet to be written.”

Team Copacabana
Players: Kevbo, AnoDoubleup, ScaramangaF
Profile: This team consists of three expats living in Brazil, and their name is an ode to that connection. They’re excited to see how far they can go in the tournament.

Players: bnn2335, snitty, robin_why
Profile: Surprise found each other in the Replay Poker forum, and are excited to taken on the competition!


Wolf Pack
Players: Kondrad, Erithacus, StudentBluff2
Profile: Team captain Kondrad tells us that the Wolf Pack are ready for the competition! Though they’ve all played against each other in the past, the forum’s Find a Team thread brought them together. He mentions that he feels they aren’t the best poker players, but their love of the game and hunger for success will help them fight for points. That hunger is reflected in their team name. “Patience will be our motto,” Kondrad says. “The right cards will come!”

Players: Skirmish47, nastyvenom, tornado1
Profile: These players also found each other through the forum. Their name originates from nastyvenom’s name and Skirmish47’s cat avatar — after trying to find a way to get “tornado” in there, VenomCat already sounded too good! It’s their team captain’s first year in the tournament, and they’re excited to compete.

Players: greenpunter, Adamsmiths, howeardlong
Profile: First time player greenpunter gravitated toward his teammates because of their behavior at the tables. “They beat me with nice hands that are well played. Yet they claim that they’re lucky. I like their humble responses,” their captain shares.

Three Goodfellas
Players: NovaAce, Gaston29, solaita
Profile: Another group who found each other in the forum, these Goodfellas are ready to succeed together! NovaAce explains, “I am excited to strategize with our teammates, especially toward the later tourneys, to either play tighter or more aggressively based on how many points we need to advance.”

Players: 6ixpence, waldir2121, PerisAversene
Profile: These players quickly teamed up through the forum. 6ixpence tells us their name, Reprise, comes from their ability to specialize and progress forward as a team. Their team captain goes on to say that their bond makes team play more interesting than solo play: “A poker player finds friendship and a challenge ahead in each game played.”

Team Argentina
Players: diepok, potico, Rjach
Profile: Team Argentina, unsurprisingly, consists of three Argentinian players! They don’t know each other outside of Replay, but thought it would be interesting to join forces for the championship. It’s the first time they’ve participated, and they hope to go far.

Ur Mad Life
Players: ura33, MADHOF, Lifesong
Profile: Captain ura33 explains that she came together with MADHOF and Lifesong because they all admire each other’s play styles and integrity. “Being part of a team makes one responsible for the team’s performance and brings another dimension into playing poker,” she says.

Players: SahmDaOne, DeathofGoats, CharlieMoney
Profile: Friends since high school, these competitors have regularly played poker together and shared tips for more than a decade. “Poker in a team is just so much fun,” shares SahmDaOne. “Last year was great to be able to compete in a team environment while being socially distanced. We learned to be more patient and help each other relax in the early stages of each tournament.”

Players: Louwgo76, Natas1970, pikmast
Profile: Louwgo76 has only been with us on Replay since March, but has already found some great friends and players to team up as Floppers this year! He explains, “[Poker] is always a very ‘private’ and single-player based game, but in this team player setup, you have that drive that makes you perform better. You do not want to disappoint the rest of your team.” Even though this is his first year participating, he knows that in poker, you have to expect the unexpected. “We are all final table winners … in our hearts!”

Players: PraveenX, Vegetassj2, Cillan13
Profile: This team consists of three players from South Africa. They all met on Replay and formed a bond throughout the lockdown. PraveenX shares that their name comes from the many farms where he’s from. “I think we are all quite good at poker, so team play seemed like a good way to take on our opponents,” he says.

Dream it possible
Players: Bellace, Paryserton, RedGrey
Profile: These players are friends from the same block. Their name was inspired by Bellace’s love for the song “Dream It Possible” by Delacey. They look forward to seeing who ends up contributing most to their team score!

Players: GSOphil, jimbil, Craig_Anthony
Profile: GSOphil and jimbil participated in RTC last year, and brought Craig_Anthony in this time around. Their name originates from the initials of their captain and his wife — P and J respectively. It reminded GSOphil of peanut butter and jelly, and thus the name was born!

Profile: Watch out for the Destrominators! These three players have are longtime friends and have similar poker playstyles. Their team name comes from a joke that they were “destrominating” their opponents whenever they had a good run at the tables. WATCHOUT8 participated last year, but is a new team captain this time around. He explains, “I learned that the play is very strong and respectable even in the C league, so my teammates and I better bring our A game!”

Team Neko
Players: lily55, lunanotturna, mbrry
Profile: lily55 and lunanotturna have been friends for a long time, and they love to chat with each other during their evenings playing poker. Though they don’t consider themselves poker experts, they enjoy the challenges they face playing in daily tournaments. lily55 explains that they’re excited to join forces and see how far they go! mbrry came to the team via the forum, and thus Team Neko was born! “Neko (cat in Japanese) is a symbol of survival (seven lives of cats),” their captain describes. “It represents our strength to take a difficult path, despite less experience in poker. But like cats, intuition and intelligence aren’t missing. And who knows … luck to find us in the first places of the ranking.”

And with that, we wrap up our team profiles! Which teams are you placing your bets on? You can watch the scoreboard change each week on our promotions page.