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Meet the 2022 Replay Team Championship contenders!

June 16, 2022

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The Replay Team Championship has arrived! The first tournament just kicked off at the beginning of June, and there’s still plenty of time to climb the ranks. Get to know each of the teams who are fighting it out for the big trophy!

We’re including all teams who responded to our survey. For the full team list, please visit our promotions page.

Players: Boricua25, TonyMason, rdl12
Profile: Meeting via the Replay Poker forum, these players formed up and created a team based on their names’ initials. “Team play is more exciting because it exposes a member’s strength/weakness, and we can objectively discuss each other’s play and improve our game,” Boricua25 shares.

Players: Zacor, Daredevil99, Ann122020
Profile: Team captain Zacor tells us that their team formed up because they’d already been playing together. “Playing on a team helps bring us together and makes us better players — and it’s lots of fun!”

Biscuits & Gravy
Players: scrub44, berrycrush, royaldab
Profile: scrub44 explains that their delightful name was chosen at random. He hopes that everyone does well for their team.

Cassie’s Clan
Players: vtpcwizard, will_lira, tulsamedic701
Profile: Cassie’s Clan is back for another year of competition! Captain vtpcwizard says it’s a blast to cheer on his team and crush the competition. “Knowing others are relying on your skilled play brings a higher element to the game at hand. Sometimes teamwork means being more defensive in play strategy vs. lone wolf tactics. Patience is important.” So are team meetings, he explains. It’s a good time to review strategy and tactics.

CC Mischievous Misfits
Players: Fivefor, GeckoAA, 1ontana
Profile: Fivefor’s wife, GeckoAA, organized this team with another CardsChat member. She came up with their mischievous name, as well! Team captain Fivefour is inspired to beat the competition with his spouse: “Would be fun to win an event like this with my wife on our team.”

Con Artistes
Players: SharonSmarty, recon0419, JanCee
Profile: 2021’s RTC Champions are back! They feel confident in the tactics they used to win last year, so they’re using them again. SharonSmarty describes each of their members’ strengths: “recon0419 plays aggressive but smart. JanCee’s strength is she really mixes it up — never know if it’s a bluff or not. My strength is that I teamed up with two great players, lol, and patience. Fold button is my friend.”

Crazy Canucks
Players: SilentOutlaw, LLarryG, coolbob
Profile: Another returning team from past championships, it’s Crazy Canucks! These poker-loving family members formed up in RTC’s inaugural year, making it to 5th place. “Last year we just missed out on advancing to the second round, after finishing near the bubble,” SilentOutlaw shares. “We will use this as motivation to perform better and hopefully avoid another first round disappointment.

Profile: Captain WATCHOUT8 recruited some of the best tournament players he’s seen to build a formidable RTC team — and they’re out to win the hoodie this year! “Something we learned from last time is that you can’t have any weak link,” he explains. “Each player A, B, and C must be one of the best in their own respective leagues to give their team a chance.” WATCHOUT8 adds that he has the right team to win the title!

Dual Forces Team
Players: jhonsoto83, Carmenzu, CCTammy
Profile: Another strong CardsChat team competing this year, two fantastic poker players from Venezuela have formed up with one of the forum’s administrators. jhonsoto83 tells us why playing as a team is so motivating: “You would no longer be thinking only of yourself … if I am successful, I also give success to my teammates.”

Dub Takers
Players: XLCokeZero, SussyBaka999, MrBaseball24
Profile: “We are all very cool and also wonky at the same time,” team captain XLCokeZero says as an introduction to the Dub Takers. “We wanted [a name] that was funny and with a bit of slang.” The team is excited to play because if one person needs help, the others can place higher to keep their team fighting. “The people playing are really good,” he adds. “They are not afraid to go all in or make a big raise when they are in a position to win a hand.”

Flying Aces
Players: Pilot704, marklou, sweetjoyce
Profile: Captain Pilot704 recruited sweetjoyce, a friend she’d made at the tables, and they found marklou on the forum to round out the team. “The name just came to me since I am a private pilot, and aces, in flying terminology, means that a person is good at what they do. And I feel my team is good at playing poker,” she explains. It will be her first time playing on a team, and she’s looking forward to having fun!

Players: Sue13, KRS, MojoWorking
Profile: These players are very good friends on Replay. Their name is the successor to the original GRRRR, but they now have MojoWorking on the team since former member EduPagli wasn’t available to play. “I got two of the best players in the house,” team captain Sue13 shares. “It is always exciting to play a game with your friends. You feel the support they bring to your team. Allows each of us to have a bad day and still hang in there. Besides, win or lose, who can get mad at their besties?”

Imagined Dragons
Players: Smooth99, 22view, ClintEastwood
Profile: Captain Smooth99 found his teammates on the Replay Poker forum, and named the team after his favorite Band. “Imagine Dragons have a poker-themed song — Demons — which is just one of the songs from my playlist to help motivate me when things get intense,” he says. Playing on a team is challenging for him, because “there is some pressure to not take chances in team play, which I always like to do.”

Lindano’s Minions
Players: Lindano, Trish-da-Fish, nateogreato
Profile: It’s captain Lindano’s first time participating in RTC, who recruited friend nateogreato and found Trish-da-Fish to round out the team. Lindano feels that they’re both great players, and that it’ll be exciting to add their scores together and see where they place.

Must Be Kings!
Players: Maxogon15, billibooo, Luvepoker
Profile: “The members of my team are amazing people! The light they carry is amazing,” Maxogon15 proudly says of his team. “We often play at the same table, but against each other. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to play together!” Their captain explains that playing on a team with these players is a reward in and of itself, but will certainly be pleased if they win!

Players: MarioFacuseG, jesusweiler, manueleuc18
Profile: These players have been friends since high school — and they’re a team to watch out for! Last year, they were finalists and won t-shirts. This time around, they’re going for the hoodie! MarioFacuseG enjoys the team event because they have fun and help each other.

Replay Fighters
Players: armoko, apasionada22, Stranger96
Profile: The Replay Fighters connected on the forum, and chose their name “because we will be fighting in this championship for every point to reach the highest place we can.” Captain armoko thinks playing in a team is fun, and that “watching your teammates’ games and supporting each other could be much more exciting than playing solo.”

Stixx and Stones
Players: slyolddog, KelleyDT, TwiggyStixx
Profile: Team captain slyolddog tells us that these teammates have played together for several years! “Although we all play quite differently, we each have our moments, and the common thread between us is our desire to improve our skillset,” he shares. “The tournament presents a chance to play outside of our comfort zones … if nothing else, we will have the opportunity to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses in preparation for next year!”

Players: snitty, robin_why, whip2870
Profile: This is the second RTC for team captain snitty and teammate robin_why. Last year, they were relatively unknown. snitty explains, “I realized we were ‘unknown’ to most in the tourney. I knew we could surprise some teams — so what better name? And behold — the seas parted, the pocket pairs showed up, and we lived up to our team name.” They’re taking the slow and steady approach. “As Master Sun said, ‘You can’t win a tourney in one hand, but you sure can lose one.'”

Team Philippines
Players: beaggro, mervin88, maestro121920
Profile: This team’s name is inspired by their pride in living in the Philippines! “Excited to play on a team because this will definitely help our games more as we rally each other and discuss hands,” captain beaggro says. “If one wins, all win, so we are all looking forward to this exciting event.”

The CardsChat All Stars
Players: Ron112355, yomomma420, pavel1111111
Profile: A competitive team from the CardsChat forum, these players have won events and accolades, giving them their name. “At CardsChat, we do have team leagues already, but they are done by draft, so we just hope for the best each season,” captain Ron112355 explains. “This was an opportunity to form my own team from players I knew have good skills.”

The Chosen Ones
Players: ChicagoSerbs, PF540, MrFish68
Profile: This team frequently plays together in the Donks League, and have competed as a team in another league called the Barnyard Muckers. Captain ChicagoSerbs is a veteran of the RTC, and his team made the semi-finals last year! “Looking at the field, there are many real strong players in the tournament,” he tells us. “Just have to play smart poker and be patient. But the main thing is to relax and have some fun.”

The Crew
Players: cm681, jedwins, Mahvelous
Profile: These friends also met in a private league — the Dream Weavers. cm681 says that all three of them enjoy the concept of team play. “I chose the name because jedwins and I are on the Pirates, and that made me think of us as crew members.”

The J.V.G. Collective
Players: SA_Poker_Mom, vickik1117, johanleroux
Profile: SA_Poker_Mom recruited friends to join her in the RTC this year, and it’ll be their first time participating. Their name is based on their real name initials. Their captain says that playing on a team is exciting because “it changes my gameplay a bit because I’m not only playing for myself, but for my team as well.”

The Outlanders
Players: alanmorton1, BNN2335, cas-
Profile: Competitors in Replay’s monthly MTT leaderboards, these players often end up in the top ten! Their name comes from the fact that they’re all from different parts of the globe. Captain alanmorton1 says they haven’t played anything like this before. “Our chances has gotten our adrenaline pumping. A lot of our friends have been giving us a lot of encouragement, which has also given us a big boost.”

The Substandard Yams
Players: moeron, Rockstone, mrzick
Profile: The Yams are back again this year! Their “ridiculous band name” comes from captain moeron, who organized the team last year on the Replay forum. This year, they’ve got a strategy that we could all use: “Compile as much patience as I can, put it in a small container, and try to sneak it past security to the tables, using it to my advantage.”

The Three Amigos
Players: Gulf_gator, Eauhomme, Craig_Anthony
Profile: Gulf_gator and Craig_Anthony became friends through the forum, and brought Eauhomme in to round out the team. Gulf_gator’s wife, who also plays on Replay, dubbed them “The Three Amigos”! Their captain explains, “I enjoy this tournament for its unusual format. It is just out of the ordinary and interesting to me.”

Toxic Twister Kitty
Players: Skirmish47, nastyvenom, tornado1
Profile: This team boasts quite a bit of diversity — they represent three different continents! Hailing from Africa, Europe, and North America, they’re back for a second year, and are ready to beat their prior results.

Ur Friscy Song
Players: ura33, Friscolet, Lifesong
Profile: These good friends are back for another RTC, and their favorite element about playing on a team is simply the camaraderie!

Players: Tamo734, Gramma3434, Netter1
Profile: This team is all about female poker power! They’re ladies of different places and ages who found each other on the site. “This will be our third time playing and hopefully we will do better,” captain Tamo734 explains, “but either way we really like each other and look forward to playing together.”

Players: Kondrad, bige13, Tenntucky
Profile: Though these players initially teamed up via the Replay Poker forum, they’ve gotten to be great friends! Kondrad chose the team name because “we are wolves who take the chips!” Something he’s learned along the way is that you need to be patient and take notes because every point counts.