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Meet your Replay Team Championship contenders! (Part 1)

May 13, 2020

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The Replay Team Championship has returned, and this year is bigger than ever! We have more teams participating this year, and this is your chance to get to know both our new and familiar faces.

Announcing our 2020 contenders! Because we have many teams in the running, we’ll be sharing their profiles in several posts. We’ve also included some of the graphics these teams made to represent themselves. Teams are listed alphabetically, unless they were fully registered this week. The remaining teams will be listed in our final post.

Players: fill119, SFCanary, jerseyred
Profile: Captain fill119 decided to team up with his brother-in-law, SFCanary, and jerseyred, who he’s gotten to know through Omaha Hi/Lo. The two of them never play Hold’em, so this promotion will be a bit of a change. Fortunately, they have SFCanary on their side, who is an active Hold’em player.

Players: idletime800, luckyjumbo, idletime1946

Players: Jguy69, TexasPokerGal, BigRick1952
Profile: Jguy69 found his teammates on the Replay Poker forum, and after checking out their profiles, he was pleased to see that they’re pretty evenly matched. As a former middle school basketball coach, Jguy69 appreciates a balance between playing solo and working with a team. “Having played bridge and other team games, it’s important to remember you are playing for two (or three) instead of yourself,” he explains.

Players: Iron-Mike, O_VOCABOLA, O_MELLON

Blessed Aces
Players: Bruin-O, JaneMDoe, Jimbell
Profile: These good friends often play together in the Astral SnGs, and have admired each other’s play styles for some time — along with visiting their tables to cheer them on! As for their name, team captain Bruin-O says, “Since we all love aces, we hope they’re blessed whenever we play them. :-)”

Blue Wizards
Players: vtpcwizard, lildevil109, GrandyB
Profile: This team is full of Replay Poker volunteers! They picked their name because they each appreciate the color blue, and team captain vtpcwizard is sure to work some magic at the tables. He shares, “Our strategy will be, in order: Have fun, represent Replay Poker well, and, of course, WIN!”

Players: mystrygirl, thumbs, Nelson1952
Profile: Team captain mystrygirl had a blast playing in last year’s championship, even though they placed sixth instead of first! The team includes thumbs, who was teamed up with mystrygirl last year, and Nelson1952, who regularly wins at their tables. Mystrygirl enjoys the team format because, in her words, “It makes me play my best and sharpens my competitive spirit. Got to do good for my team.”

Players: Redrider53, VivaLVegas, JBHT2

Con Artists

Con Artists
Players: SharonSmarty, JanCee, Recon0419
Profile: SharonSmarty and JanCee both played together last year, and felt that Recon0419 would be a great addition to the team. They settled on the name because Sharon and Jan are both artists (using paint and wool respectively!), and “Con” came from Recon’s name. The appeal of team play to SharonSmarty is, “If one of us has a bad day, our teammates can still do well, and that helps to take pressure off.” Although, as she explains, they might get teased in fun!

Players: ancoraswif, borsadice, laflare999

Grumpy Old Men
Players: Magnoliasteve, DSKI, Gator69
Profile: This team consists of three guys who have played poker together regularly at a local bar. They’re all familiar with each other’s play style, and look forward to competing together instead of wanting to bust each other out. Regarding the name, Magnoliasteve says, “We chose our team name because of its accuracy with regard to two of the three of us. We’ll let our opponents decide which two.”

Happy Bears
Players: Redcloud203, Timnicebutdim, Limbofish
Profile: After being on the site for about two years, captain Redcloud203 found Timnicebutdim and Limbofish to be formidable opponents. They were asked to form up, and Redcloud203 shares, “they both bravely and foolishly agreed to join up.” This is a strong team who made the semi-finals last year, but their only rule is to “be a happy bear and enjoy the games.”

Players: buffaloxgirl, AnteLia, CoachK808

Players: Wolfer2004, zioBeppi, DuffyDuck

Players: Excaliburns, Hrdluk11, Txcowgirl65
Profile: Excaliburns looked for like-minded teammates who cared more about enjoying themselves during this promotion, rather than obsessing about the results. The team name comes from the states where they all live: Illinois, Georgia, and Texas.

Please welcome these fifteen teams to the Championship! Who do you think will be a tough opponent? Do you have a team you’re rooting for? We’ll be highlighting the next round of teams later this week.