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Meet your Replay Team Championship contenders! (Part 2)

May 14, 2020

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We’re back with another round of team profiles! Take a look at the next group of players who will fight it out in our Replay Team Championship.

Just Retired
Players: newmrchib, nanfla05, heyortin
Profile: Team captain newmrchib and heyortin have been longtime friends, beginning on other poker sites. They’re excited to have nanfla05 join them this year, as she’s been friends on the site with newmrchib for years. These retirees are looking forward to playing on a team because, as their captain explains, “Friendship and trying to achieve a common goal make this more exciting than solo play. I know I feel pressured to do well in a team environment.”

Lady and the Tramps
Players: GoatSoup, Tiggy, ClintEastwood

Players: aoeu, waidus, Pam1969
Profile: These players teamed up after meeting each other on the Replay Poker forum. aoeu feels that solo play can start to get boring after a while, and team play will spice things up. The team plans to work together talking out optimal strategies.

Players: zeker58, PK827, TTIER1
Profile: After getting inspired by mystrygirl to join this competition, the team decided to name themselves after her! It will be zeker58’s first time participating, and was happy to team up with two of his friends.

Molon Labe
Players: SunPowerGuru, royaldab, Produceguy007
Profile: This team participated together last year, and the players have come together again to battle it out. SunPowerGuru shares the history behind their team name: “In 480 BC, before the Battle of Thermopylae, Xerxes demanded that King Leonidas of Sparta lay down his arms and surrender. Though hopelessly outnumbered, Leonidas defiantly replied, ‘Come and take them.’ This phrase was then translated into ancient Greek as Molon Labe.”

Players: BipolarBearAH, wolfie98290, xrogerthatx
Profile: This is another returning team, eager to take on the competition. These long-time friends are motivated by the extra encouragement they get from playing as a team. “I’m a big fan of Motorhead, and did it in memory of Lemmy,” BipolarBearAH says of their team name.

Oceans 6
Players: hunter1111, Lindylou, LklkJubly
Profile: Captain hunter1111 was part of last year’s winning team! He’s back to try to reclaim the title of Champion, this time with new teammates. He and Lindylou live in the same condo, and brought in LklkJubly, as they all admire each other’s playstyle. Hunter1111 shares these winning words, “Our strategy is patience and counting on your team to pick you up when you have a bad day.”

Players: FELLL15K, PROXIKK, AdrianMatheos

Players: GSOPhil, Jimbill, pokerick
Profile: This team got together because they wanted to play with other friendly folks. Jimbill’s last name starts with B, while GSOPhil’s starts with P, and thus the name “peanutbutter” was born!

Players: Cesargonzales, ander97, angelo2908
Profile: Cesargonzales was the only one in his family who knew the basics of poker, so naturally he taught his cousins how to play! They’ve now teamed up together to play in the championship. Cesargonzales keeps it humble: “Although we’re not very good, we will try to finish in a good position in the Replay Team Championship.”

Players: C1ueless, kcorbee, lbitehawk

Rocket’s Badger Stars
Players: Rocketmike, Wisc_Badger, Stephstars
Profile: This first-time team is ready to jump into the competition and bring in some chip prizes. Team captain Rocketmike and Wisc_Badger got to know each other in MTTs after learning that they’re both originally from Wisconsin. They were able to add a third player, Stephstars, to their team after using the Replay Poker forum. “With his addition, our team now has international flair,” Rocketmike tells us. They aim to finish in the top 30 of every game so they can “bring home the bacon!”

Players: SahmDaOne, DeathofGoats, CharlieMoney
Profile: These teammates are best friends! They’ve been playing poker since their freshman year of high school. The thing SahmDaOne is looking forward to is, “Cheering my friends on vs. rooting against them when they play me.”

SBG United
Players: _snowman_, bash51, Grizy-
Profile: The three of these players already have some experience teaming up together, as they’re all on the same team, SoulMates, in the Team Play private league. _snowman_ explains their name: “We all hail from different countries, so we took our username initials and united for the tournament. Thus, SBG United.”

Set of Aces
Players: NotTheOne, Grateful_ed, Seville

Best of luck to these teams! Be sure to follow their progress over the coming weeks. We have even more team profiles coming soon.