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Meet your Replay Team Championship contenders! (Part 5)

May 21, 2020

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It’s time! Our team profiles come to an end with this post. Read about all of these remaining teams — who they are, and why they’re looking forward to the rest of the Replay Team Championship.

These last teams are listed in the order of registration.

Profile: This team consists of three friends who learned how to play poker together! Andres_Aquino tells us that they’ve become one of the best teams in their city, and they all like each other’s style of play. The name of their team comes from the Quechua language, and means, “Always Together.”

Biscuits & Gravy
Players: scrub44, berrycrush, theweasle
Profile: These players know each other from Badonkidonk’s private leagues. Unsurprisingly, they came up with the name over breakfast.

Three Old Men
Players: Gostowski03, DrainTreys3, Mentalist7
Profile: As a group of two brothers and a cousin, these three guys are keeping their team in the family. Don’t fall for their name, though — they’re actually on the younger side, and that might not be their only bluff! None of them have tried a team tournament before, but they look forward it, and aim to place higher on the leaderboard than lower.

Players: DudeItsDad, Ohiobuckeye, IRISHred
Profile: DudeItsDad was able to sync up with two other players on the Replay Poker forum. Though they don’t know each other well yet, they’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other’s playstyles over the course of the Championship! “Because we hail from across the U.S. (Arizona, Ohio, and New Hampshire), I figured X-Country Players was descriptive, with the ‘X’ providing a hint of mystery,” DudeItsDad explains.

Bloody Squad
Players: BloodyJack, BloodyAces, jefferutiii

Players: maf24, rosie2_SM, jumbaj
Profile: maf24 took initiative and found his teammates on the Replay Poker forum. As a student from the Czech Republic, maf24 hopes to learn more about the game and try out real money poker. He shares why he’s excited to play on a team: “There is a bit of responsibility, which motivates you to win even more. I wish luck to all participants. Let the best team win.”

Team Bingo
Players: Timneus, Thois, Ballaard

Tom le feci
Players: Nagatomo, Benassiraise, PipponVives

The Ladies of DC
Players: bvalentine, Suzseaque, TinkerbellDC
Profile: After the Washington State announced their stay home order, players from Draft Choice, a local bar, were unable to have their twice-weekly Texas Hold’em game. They found Replay Poker, and now more than sixty players are able to have regular games again! bvalentine has acted as tech support for them, even acquiring old laptops so everyone could continue to play. Their team name honors this poker family and their home game. “TinkerbellDC is the glue that connects us, Suzy is our secret weapon, and I am the optimistic cheerleader,” bvalentine tells us. “Any adventure where we get to grow our poker skills and have fun with other like-minded folks is an adventure worth taking. Let’s do this!”

Players: Ncarn9, stashmaster, Maxwell353

Silly Old Boys
Players: Happy1958, AbnerMalady, Howie_Long
Profile: These players teamed up last year, and they’re back for more! Though they’ve never met in person (they live in three different countries!), they all play freerolls together and respect each other’s unique style. “Since being nice guys didn’t work out so well for us last year, we are going to listen to a little more Alice Cooper,” Happy1958 jokes. “Old age and treachery is our new strategy. Lie, cheat, steal, etc. All the things we are not allowed to do at home, you know. 🙂 Our wives would kill us!” They’re taking a page from the Monty Python motto: “Always look on the bright side of life.”

Dumbledore’s Army
Players: dhops, LordAdmiral, Hale-Storm

Ace Wafers
Players: jrockviggy, THEMUSHMAN, AQoffsuit
Profile: jrockviggy has been a longtime player on the site, and when the Championship was announced, he rushed to get his online gaming friends to team up with him. Their name is derived from their guild name in World of Warcraft Classic, Nilla Wafers, which honors the legacy, expansion-free version of the game. “We already have high trust and the ability to take constructive criticism built into our core relationship,” the team captain explains. “This makes the transition into NL Hold’em completely stress-free.”

Low stakes Low stacks
Players: chrisbg, Selaphiel, HBA1999

poker rebels
Players: just_ducky, rebelburn, motormoch
Profile: “Late in the registration process, I reached out to some who I perceive play for the love of the game,” just_ducky shares about his team. “We may not be the best, but we play with a passion.” just_ducky points out that he doesn’t prefer to play against friends, because if you’re enjoying each other’s company, you’re less likely to want to knock each other out. “The other team members seem to share those thoughts, so, not knowing them personally, I thought we could form a team and, win or lose, have some fun and compete.”

Players: Buschwackeres, LINGOLINGO, cjrb

The King of Queens
Players: SarahFra, ghomer, mysweet-SM

Naughty Possums
Players: w00p, DannyAddict, hitcaR21
Profile: w00p tells us that his team is made up of good friends who just want to have fun playing poker. Have you kept up with the latest Netflix originals? Their team name comes from the show “Too Hot to Handle” as they were amused by one of the guys’ clothing line with the same name. w00p ends by saying, “First time playing – wish us luck, because we need it!”

There you have it! This completes our highlights of the teams playing in our 2020 Replay Team Championship. The scores from our first week are up — who do you think will take it all? One of the teams who’s already on top? Will there be an upset? We can’t wait to find out with you.