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Player Profiles: Get to know Marc978

October 29, 2019

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In our series of player profiles, we’re introducing you to long-time members of our community. Marc978 has been playing with us on Replay Poker for four years. As a prominent volunteer, Marc helps others out at the tables, on the forum, and even writes poker tips over on Facebook!

Marc has shared a bit about how he found poker in an earlier blog article. After discovering a love for the game in Poker After Dark, he found Replay through a Google search. As a fan of strategic games, Marc needed a place to hone his skills. “After a lot of practice and learning, I became a pretty good Texas Hold’em poker player,” he says.

What keeps Marc hooked on Replay throughout the years? “Replay Poker has a great community, and I have met many friends that I wouldn’t have.”

Marc decided to become a volunteer because of Replay Poker’s unique community as well. “I wanted to give back to the community, and wasn’t able to financially contribute to Replay. Volunteering was a great way to give back and make new friends. I enjoy volunteering very much,” Marc shares.

His love of poker has grown so much that he’s even kicked off a new YouTube channel: Marc’s Hand Review.

“I better understand things by watching and viewing instead of reading articles. So I figured the best way to give my thoughts on poker hands was to turn on a camera and talk about it, giving my own thoughts and analysis,” Marc explains. Though he stayed too busy over the summer to update it, he has big plans for the channel. “I plan on reviewing other hands that I haven’t played in, as well as reviewing more hands other than Texas Hold’em.”

And speaking of the future, Marc’s looking forward to what’s to come on Replay Poker. “I’m very excited about the new HMTL5 tables, as I think it will allow features to be added that players have been asking for.”

If you’d like to get to know Marc better, he’s always on the lookout for new friends on Replay. Find him in deep stack tournaments, such as Sensational Blinds, or our freerolls, and strike up a conversation!