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Recent Server Issues: Refunds, Reasons, and Relief

September 20, 2022

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It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that Replay Poker has experienced some technical issues recently.

Certain tables were hit by severe lag, and the results were predictably frustrating.

As poker players ourselves, we know just how annoying this will have been. That’s why we immediately moved to refund players who were affected.


The lagging lasted several minutes at a time, but in most cases, did not cause our tournaments to be cancelled. However, we are aware that many players would have left the tables, naturally assuming that tournaments would not be able to play to completion, so have refunded tournament entries for all affected tournaments. 


After examining every part of our processes, we determined that the reasons behind the technical problems stemmed from our third-party server host. We then worked closely with them to find and deal with the issue.

Working through every step in our system has allowed us to ensure our own technical standards are being met, while our server host – an established and highly competent company (rhymes with ‘frugal’) – has implemented measures to make our platform even more stable.


Our unreserved apologies go out to all players who were affected by these problems. The positive attitude of our loyal community, however, has been a huge relief to all of us here.

As poker players, you know that anyone can suffer a bad beat, and we’re eternally grateful for the manner in which so many of you have taken this in your stride.

We’ve been working around the clock to fix these issues, so it’s hugely appreciated when we receive messages like these:

“WOW I got 6 different refunds today ! Thank You Replay ! Good Luck technical staff . Hope every thing works out for you all soon.” – Zacor

“Wow I got refunds also… Didn’t ask or complain to get them…Replay did it all on their own and that shows how excellent this site is!!! Thanks” – bige13

“Where at but at REPLAY do you get chips back without asking, thank you Thank you! This is a first-rate site no matter what I say about them (kidding)” – mrzick

For further queries relating to the technical issues, please contact player support at [email protected].