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Replay Team Championship Profiles! (Part 1)

June 21, 2019

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For the first time ever, Replay Poker is hosting an event where you can win prizes with your friends! In the Replay Team Championship, groups of three participate in Texas Hold’em MTTs and earn tournament points. While there are plenty of ways to earn millions in free chips along the way, the last team standing takes home special t-shirts!

Want to know who’s participating in this flagship promotion? Check out the folks who have teamed up with each other below! This is just part one, so there are more teams coming up very soon. Teams are listed in order of registration.

Fire in the Hole
Players: marklou, crum1850, will_lira
Profile: All three of these players have been longtime friends on the site, and know that they’re all great at poker. Not only that, all three of them are veterans! That’s where their name comes from. Team captain marklou says, “We want to outlast the other teams by staying away from all-ins. Play only hands you have the best chance to win. Be happy and get the draws you need. Check and raise when possible.”

The Untouchables
Players: grapevine, johno59, Tiandra
Profile: These three players came together more than eight years ago (!) on another poker site, playing both together and on rival teams. Their name is based on one of the most successful teams on that site, as Tiandra in particular has some fond memories of time spent on the team. Team captain grapevine signs off with, “I hope we will use our skills to play with great patience, probably more carefully than usual as points are important and we are always mindful that careless play can let our whole team down.”

Players: angelbabyblue, cas-, ironsides
Profile: This team was created based on players that cas- knew to be strong contenders! Captain angelbabyblue says this about their name, “I picked luckyaces because any good player knows a pair of Aces can kill you as well as make you a winner. I would rather have the Aces on my winning side.”

Players: Wivy, DeeSade, cyman
Profile: Team captain Wivy considered having an all-woman team, but couldn’t imagine not having cyman as one of the members. “He is the nicest person, and funny, man oh man, I have to catch myself from falling off my chair sometimes,” she says. They decided on the name because they all have great attitudes and added “bet” as a play on words for poker. “We are really taking this tournament seriously. For that reason, we are all concentrating on getting in shape. We are flexing our index fingers, by picking up our beer slowly, and sometimes fast. Also we have all ordered extra ink for our keypads so we won’t run out!” Wivy jokes.

Two Roses and One Lucky Guy
Players: mystrygirl, Barterminea, thumbs
Profile: These three players have been friends and have admired each other’s playstyles for years! mystrygirl says she was able to improve her game because of them. The name came up as a play on Bart being the “thorn between two roses” but mystrygirl says she feels like she’s the lucky one! Their strategy is to employ the same skills they use every day in tourneys. Finally, mystrygirl points out, “We represent three, yes, three CONTINENTS. How about that as an international flavor? Also, Bart speaks three languages. I was pretty impressed by that (I asked him which one he swears best in, inside his head of course).”

Happy Bears
Players: RedCloud203, Limbofish, timenicebutdim

KC & Dude’s Dad
Players: DudeItsDad, Tomkat287, MaineCats
Profile: Each of these players are lovers of poker and have been friends for quite some time, all three of them enjoying banter at the table. MaineCats came up with the name — K for Kat and C for Cat. The “Dude’s Dad” differentiates DudeItsDad from the other various “dudes” on Replay! They plan to play “good, solid” poker, aiming to be conservative, but aggressive when called for. “PLUS, I really enjoy setting traps whenever possible,” team captain DudeItsDad says, “Watch out, competition. You have two ‘tigers’ and a ‘Dad’ trying to scratch out a win.”

Players: Mookie01, CYN51, RockStone
Profile: After posting on the “Find a Team” forum thread, these players connected with each other. Team captain Mookie01 was looking for others with similar ranking and experience, but explains, “I discovered they had a much better ranking than me and also had a lot more experience, so I snapped them up as quickly as I could.” Since meeting on the forum, they’ve been messaging frequently with hints and tips to improve their game and make sure they’re in tip-top shape for the championship!

Players: Dbldppr1250, TheQueen109, codyswifey

Dude and the Dudettes
Players: SharonSmarty, JanCee, CoastinDude
Profile: SharonSmarty and JanCee are good friends and play in a league together. They found CoastinDude through the “Find a Team” thread on the Replay Poker forums. Sharon was chosen as captain when Jan pointed out that she is the most “captainy!” and knows how to be a leader. Their name comes from the team consisting of two women and one man with a “dude” in his name. “My only skill is patience,” SharonSmarty says, “Waiting for the right time to pounce. I also chat a lot, which sometimes distracts the other players, lol.”

Triple Barrel Bluff
Players: RandolphR, ChicagoSerbs, SilentOutlaw
Profile: This team met on the “Find a Team” forum thread! Captain RandolphR notes that there were many people to choose from, and he feels lucky with the players who ended up on his team. He knew that he wanted a poker pun in the team name, and after watching a Daniel Negreanu video where he discussed a “Triple Barrel Bluff,” it was the perfect fit. “Poker is an extremely complex game that mixes a lot of skill and a little bit of luck. There are so many good things that good poker players possess,” RandolphR explains. “But in this tournament, there will be one skill that is going to be super important: adjustment. Understanding the different players and adjusting will lead to success.”

Lady and the Tramps
Players: Goatsoup, Tiggy, ClintEastwood
Profile: Team captain Goatsoup searched for strong contenders to join his team, and found Tiggy, from the Czech Republic, and ClintEastwood, from the UK. They’re both MTT leaderboard toppers, and as Goatsoup says, they needed an old three-legged donkey to help carry them over the finish line. That’s where he comes in! Goatsoup is from New Hampshire in the USA, and this international team plans to write the rest of their fairy tale in this championship. “Since a lady doesn’t kiss and tell, we will simply say that if we can’t dazzle you with our brilliance, we will baffle you with our BS and ride our old three-legged donkey into the sunset,” shares Goatsoup.

Players: Netter1, Tamo734, Gramma3434
Profile: This team came from another group of players who have been at the tables with each other for years. They met right here on Replay Poker! After team captain Netter1 asked family members for help with a team name, they combined Gramma and Tamo to make Whamos. “I don’t want the competition to know my strategy, so I will just say I will use my instincts and try to keep my head in the game,” Netter1 explains.

Players: protech09, Dknoidkid, pfultz777
Profile: These players have also been playing poker together for years. They say they’re ready to slay some donkeys! Team captain protech09 says, “I think with patience and money management we can beat out the competition.”

Team Poker Disclosure League
Players: GrandyB, CatchDRiver, fransuah
Profile: Have you heard of GrandyB’s Poker Disclosure League? That’s where these players have gotten to know each other, where they’ve been encouraged to learn and experiment with different strategies. Their name comes from this league, as they’re trying to get the word out about it. “Aside from patience and timing of our actions, we’ll be using our various voodoo tactics we’ve been practicing to assure our ultimate victory!” says team captain GrandyB, tongue firmly planted in cheek.

We have many more teams to profile, so check our blog soon for further updates!