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Replay Team Championship Profiles! (Part 2)

June 24, 2019

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The Replay Team Championship is underway! Week one has completed, but there’s still plenty of time to climb the ranks to the quarter-finals. Learn about the next fifteen teams who are participating in this event.

This is part two of three. Teams are listed in order of registration.

Lea’s J Bros
Players: jessieggg, Johnwsal, Bearlea50

South African Aces
Players: _Matthew_, Shana-V, Shil0h
Profile: If you guessed this team is from South Africa, you’d be right! These friends and colleagues were introduced to the site by Shana, and they enjoy playing against each other both online and off. “What we all found success from on this site is constantly being misjudged due to our ranks and how long we were playing here for, only to prove them wrong!” team captain _Matthew_ says. “We are going to carry that forward into this tourney and hope we can do our country and ourselves proud!”

Players: newmrchib, sugarfoot414, heyortin
Profile: Like some of our other teams, these three players came together in the “Find a Team” thread in our forum. While heyortin and newmrchib have played together on previous sites, sugarfoot414 became a new friend from the forum. The longtime poker players are now mentoring her and hope for a strong finish in the event. “I chose the team name,” newmrchib pointed out, “as it seemed appropriate since we really don’t know one another.”

Ace of Spades
Players: BipolarBearAH, Wolfie98290, xrogerthatx
Profile: These friends decided to team up together because they appreciate each other’s playstyles and their skills are complementary. The name comes from team captain BipolarBearAH’s favorite Motorhead song, and they’re keeping their cards close to their chest, not giving away any strategy!

All In Team
Players: ionelsc, LadyCon, vnvnvn
Profile: These three friends got together after vnvnvn initiated the idea, and team captain ionelsc brought LadyCon aboard. They plan to use patience, opponent knowledge, and fearlessness to come out on top. As for the name, ionelsc clues us in: “Bet is the most important thing in poker; cards come second!”

Players: NolaBruce, chuckcox, crosby63
Profile: After playing in a Replay Poker league together, along with being Astral regulars, these players knew they wanted to team up. The name comes from team captain NolaBruce’s work in Information Technology, where he’s led efficient teams. “We have a mix of styles and the ability to recover from a bad beat,” NolaBruce explains. “Each player is competitive and wants to win, win, win.”

Players: C1ueless, kcorbee, lbnitehawk
Profile: Team captain C1ueless wanted to join a team, not lead one! However, he wanted to find a solid team and ended up getting together kcorbee and lbnitehawk from the Replay Poker forum. RAMPAGE was born out of kcorbee’s idea, and they plan to stomp all over the competition! “We will do our best to outwit the other teams with our experience and cunning at the tables,” C1ueless says, confident in his team. “Our strategy is very simple. We will play to win and expect to reap the rewards at the end of the tourney.” (He confesses that last part is tongue in cheek.)

The Breakfast Club
Players: Matchstk, Sassy_Sarah, bahia7
Profile: These team members have played in similar promotions, and all of them enjoy adjusting their strategies based on what the events call for. They’ve been each other’s cheerleaders, offering words of encouragement as they climb the ranks. “We share a penchant for 80s music and pop culture,” team captain Matchstk says of their name. “The Breakfast Club is certainly a classic movie from that era (‘I heard a ruckus!’ ‘Could you describe the ruckus, sir?’).” Matchstk says he can’t disclose their secrets, but there will be guile, sass, and positivity involved in snagging others’ chips!

The Replay Professionals
Players: Shakeraise, Chasetheriver, GoldenDonkey
Profile: Recognize these players? They’re the COO, Poker Operations Manager, and Global Promotions Manager of Replay Poker! Careful, as they’ll be quite a force to beat. Each of them has played live poker professionally and they’ve used their knowledge to better the site. If you enjoy the Replay Team Championship, give them a shout, as they’ve all had a hand in making the promotion what it is!

Players: Starkiller, Stephstars, Medvin
Profile: Starkiller and Stephstars don’t just have stars in common — they’ve been friends since they met on Replay. Team captain Starkiller appreciates Stephstars’ skills and attitude, and knew he wanted him as a teammate. They brought on Medvin, another friend of Stephstars’, and Empire was born. The name comes from Starkiller’s Darth Vader avatar. “We’ll try to play the most solid poker that we can, trying to balance our ranges and not be predictable,” Starkiller says. “The most important part about the team is that we all get along and have fun together.”

Le Trio Infernal
Players: NotTheOne, miri123, lehigh133

Kowboy Killerz
Players: Spanman1, rdwilson27, ohiobuckeye
Profile: These three players found each other on the Replay Poker forum, and while they haven’t had the opportunity to see much play from each other yet, they’re confident that patience will help them in the long hail. Team captain Spanman1 playfully suggests their name is about as intimidating as it can get for a card game. “No glitz or glamour. Just three poker players striving for a common goal. More chips and a title to go with them. Maybe we’ll somehow win an actual satellite seat to the WSOP someday!” Spanman1 tells us.

Dream Team
Players: happy1958, AbnerMalady, Howie_Long
Profile: Sometimes you get to know others on the site because you all play at the same time, and that’s the case for these players, who share a passion for freerolls. Team captain happy1958 says, “Just like the Toronto Raptors, we are peaking at the right time for the big contest, so our name was a no-brainer. Dazzling poker faces, horseshoe inserts, lucky charms, cheerleaders — we are bringing our A game!”

Players: RattlerCat1, _chips_ahoy_, FluffyButt

River Kings
Players: Xit, GoldenGoose8, JK123456
Profile: Another team that came together on the forum, these players are ready for the competition. Like Spanman1, team captain Xit joked that he hoped River Kings might intimidate the pack! “While trying to come up with a name, River Riders seemed like a good name at first, and then amongst all the other iterations using River in the name, it was River Kings that sort of jumped out, saying, ‘Pick me, pick me.’ The name has a great poker ring to it, and hopefully will instill fear in our competitors. LOL”

There’s one more team update to come, so keep an eye out soon!