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Replay Team Championship Profiles! (Part 3)

June 25, 2019

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We’re highlighting all the teams who’ve registered for our brand new event, the Replay Team Championship! Read all about the players who have thrown their hats in the ring to compete together for chips, shirts, and glory.

This is our final set of team profiles. Teams are listed in order of registration.

Ur Life Pal
Players: ura33, Sikopal, Lifesong
Profile: These players formed a team because they all find each other to be positive, kind, and lively. Team captain ura33 points out that there’s always a human being behind every username on the site, and treats them as such. While they won’t reveal their secrets, ura33 has this important tip, “You cannot win a tournament in one hand, but you can surely lose it in one.”

Players: MT_Trapper_26, timbershot, SPEYER_48
Profile: Two brothers and a player they met on the forum form up this team! Team captain MT_Trapper_26 tells us his brother came up with the name, and while he isn’t sure what it means, he does like the sound of it. “I really wanted to play in the tourney because it is happening at the same time as the WSOP in Las Vegas, and playing in a tourney that lasts more than one day sounds interesting,” he tells us. “It will be a great learning experience for all of us!”

Players: Duster58, morcosborcos, tazzie

3 Over Pair
Players: aaron571, Susan7, LinIsLost

Super Losers
Players: RastaPutin, doinchey, vik1ng
Profile: Team captain RastaPutin had some playful remarks in response to our questions, including mentioning that one of their players is secretly Phil Hellmuth. They’ve teased about playing bingo hands and seeing what happens, and they claim that they’ve never lost a tournament. Can’t wait to see how well this team performs!

Ralphie’s Crew
Players: thomas4126, 1texaslea, hunter1111
Profile: Team captain thomas4126 has known 1texaslea since he joined Replay Poker, so it seemed natural that they’d form a team together. While he wasn’t as familiar with hunter1111, he points out that hunter is a vet, and it’s always great to have a vet on your side! If you know thomas4126, you know the story of Ralphie the squirrel, which is where their name comes from. As for skills, their captain says, “Skills? What skills? Just having some fun, no skills needed! LOL.”

Payton Players
Players: SilverChief, Checkmqte, ziggysmalls
Profile: These three players are old classmates who used to play poker with each other daily. They’ve named their team after the school they used to attend, and plan to play each tournament by ear.

Lost On Da River
Players: C2b4bid, RavenL, allsfair
Profile: The common denominator of this team is RavenL, who is friends with both team captain C2b4bid and allsfair. They play in many of the same games. They’re just getting involved to have fun and compete. “Everyone that has gone all-in pre-flop with AA, KK, AK suited has ‘Lost On Da River’ to someone that calls with nothing, then ends up hitting a straight or flush,” C2b4bid says of their name.

Big Slick Problems
Players: OneCalledSyn, LomoSaltado, Pendant2
Profile: Captain OneCalledSyn jokes that this team formed up because they’re all friends and are all terrible at poker. “Every time one of us goes all in with a big slick, we always lose. 100% guaranteed,” he remarks. That said, the team does have experience in math and e-sports, so they may surprise you!

UNL Poker Club
Players: AlecRome, Husker185, MKFGaming

Molon Labe
Players: SunPowerGuru, royaldab, ProduceGuy007
Profile: Team captain SunPowerGuru wasn’t going to throw his hat in the ring originally, but was recruited onto a team. After the former captain had to back out, SunPowerGuru stepped up and brought in royaldab and ProduceGuy007, both strong tournament players. “The team name comes from the legend of King Leonidas of Sparta,” he shares. “His forces were badly outnumbered and surrounded, but when his enemies demanded he lay down his weapons, he defiantly said, ‘Molon labe,’ which means, ‘Come and take them.’ That seemed like a good name for a poker team!”

Losing Makes Cents
Players: Good4Nothing, Dgourlie, moeron
Profile: This team formed up thanks to the “Find a Team” forum thread, after captain Good4Nothing learned about the event during Bust the Staff. He and his team members squeaked in as the second to last time registered! “The name was made from a saying I as brought up on,” he tells us. “‘If you ain’t first, you’re last’ — so I kind of put a twist on it.” Good4Nothing hopes the team will be on top every week, but he knows poker has plenty of variances. They plan to give it their all!

Aussie Rebels
Players: FACEOFGOD, Shambless, RobboDaYobbo
Profile: These three players, all Australian, have built a friendship on Replay Poker, and decided to team up together. Captain FACEOFGOD says, “Which in itself is odd. I’ve always considered online poker to be a somewhat lone wolf pursuit.” Given their home country, they knew Aussie had to be a part of their team name. “Plus I reckon we are the only team flying the Aussie flag at 5am, so Aussie Rebels just flowed from there.”

That wraps up all our team profiles! Feel free to chat, brag, or show us team graphics in our Team Chat forum thread. Best of luck to these teams in the competition.