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Replay Winter Games – Week one wrap-up

March 2, 2020

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The Replay Winter Games is the ultimate test of your social poker skill.

The first week of The Replay Winter Games is complete and what a week it has been!

The first week saw seven days of intense competition, each day awarding at least one gold medal. We have hit the pistes and the ice rink for events such as Ski Jumping and Speed Skating and the results of the first week are in!

According to the entries in the 1,000,000 free chip giveaway in our forum contest, most people expected the USA to be in pole position and they have not disappointed.

The standout performer for the USA this week was Goatsoup, who collected two gold medals in one day in the Biathlon event!

However, there is one person single-handedly carrying their country to 2nd place in the medal table and that is ewerthon, who has won all three gold medals for Serbia, which places Serbia in 2nd place after the first week.

The next week of events is set to be one of the finest ever witnessed in The Replay Winter Games!  You will need your laces tied up and your triple axel on point for Figure Skating, and don’t forget your broom! It’s an important asset when competing in Curling!

So get your skates on and hurry to the Promotions Page so you can view the schedule and get involved.

Will your country be the one to topple the USA?  Can you win gold for your country? Take part in our winter festival and make your country proud!