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Replay Winter Games – Week two wrap-up

March 9, 2020

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The most intense winter competition in the social poker calendar has reached the end of its second week and there have been some standout performances!

Before we delve into the players that have snagged the most medals, let’s take a look at the Medal Table and see who is in the top 5 before the final week of The Replay Winter Games kicks off.

The USA is dominating the competition, leading the field by over 10 gold medals! In 2nd place we have Poland, followed by Serbia, South Africa and Latvia to currently round out the top 5, but there is still a week’s worth of events to play! It’s clear at this point that the USA will come in first, but the rest of the top 5 slots are wide open. You could make the difference to your country by competing in some of the forthcoming events and taking home a medal.

This week has seen some standout individual performances, with certain players putting their countrymates on their back and carrying them over the finish line. The most standout performer this week was the USA’s Goatsoup, with 3 gold medals in the 2nd week alone!

Other notable performers this week were:

Deepcreek– USA – 2 Golds

Encephalus– Poland – 1 Gold, 1 Silver

donkatwork – USA – 1 Gold, 1 Silver

Guguce – Latvia – 1 Gold, 1 Bronze

Cas- – South Africa – 2 Silvers

This week is the final week of The Replay Winter Games, and there is still time for you to make an impact and take home the glory!  Head on over to the schedule page for a look at the final events.