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September’s Hand of the Month

October 4, 2018

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We’re thrilled to share the first winner of a new promotion based on your most interesting replays: Hand of the Month! Each month, we are posting on our forum, asking you to share the most interesting hand you saw that month. If we choose your hand, you win 500,000 chips! This month’s winner is … __KEEPNET__!

Take a look at the hand replay here, which comes from September’s Bust the Staff:

This hand occurred about an hour into the tournament, and the bounty for staff member orifito was 50,000 chips — roughly the equivalent of winning fifth place overall.

__KEEPNET__ shared the following information about his submission: “This was my first staff buster, and it was up against a possible three other better hands as 5-4-5 flopped. It’s not often AA wins up against three players when there’s a pair on the flop, therefore, I never go all-in with AA. It’s a bugbear hand for many who either go in too hard and scare off potential handed players, or worse still, slow play it!”

We chose this hand as this month’s winner as it was an interesting situation in which the player has to consider the effect that the bounty of the all-in staff member has on their own decisions, as well as those of the other players. How do you maximize the chances of a 50,000 chip bounty, and how can you exploit other players wanting to get it as well?

Pre-flop: Do you raise, or do you try limping in and hope the bounty player makes a move? That’s not very likely in this case, as orifito is playing quite tight.

As things played out, there was a re-raise! The bounty is now tied into the pot. Do you commit now or take a flop?

On the flop: This flop could be perfect, but if you’re losing, it could cost your entire stack because you don’t want to fold. Will betting ever dislodge anyone?

On the turn and river: __KEEPNET__ slowed down and kept the cost of losing down to a minimum. AA looks more likely to win, given the lack of action.

What do you think? Would you bet more heavily, hoping that the chance of a bounty will keep the players in?

Share your thoughts in our forum thread, beginning this Friday, October 5th, and you could win 50,000 chips just for participating! We’ll update this post with a link once that goes live. And don’t forget — we’re now accepting your interesting hand replays for the month of October! Read the rules here and send us your submissions.