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The Replay Team Championship has returned!

April 22, 2020

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Are you ready for an opportunity to play with your friends on Replay Poker? The Replay Team Championship is back! Grab two of your best buddies and work together to take on other teams.

In this unique promotion, you team up with two other players to take on other competitors. Each of you will participate in your own, individual weekly tournament. There are four qualifiers, and the top-scoring teams will move on to the quarter-finals, the semi-finals, and if you go the distance … the Grand Finals!

We’re giving away more than 50 million free chips, along with special prizes for the winning team: commemorative Replay Poker hoodies! If your team makes it to that final table, each of your teammates will take 500,000 chips to your bank minimum. Win it all and that’s 5 million chips each!

So, how do you get started? By finding your friends, of course! If you already know two players you’d love to compete with on the site, reach out and form up. But the Team Championship also provides you a way to play in a special tournament series with your local friends. It’s a great reason to stay in touch and work together while you’re at home. If your friend isn’t yet on Replay Poker, you can invite them and each of you will get a bonus 10,000 chips.

If your friends aren’t poker fans and you’re still getting to know people on the site, no problem! Simply post in our Find a Team thread on our forum. You can connect with other players who need teammates, and you may find a new poker pal to play with on the regular.

Ready to put on those sweatbands and fight it out with friends? Here are some quick links that can get you ready to compete:

Best of luck to all our teams!