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What is your poker-related New Year’s resolution?

January 8, 2020

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What is your New Year’s poker resolution for 2020? Avoid tilt? Win your first million on Replay Poker, or maybe get to a billion? Perhaps you’ll resolve to simply enjoy the ride.

We have a few resolutions for you to think about at each skill level.

As a beginner:

  • Try out all the variations so you can decide which ones you enjoy the most.
  • Spectate some tables, even when you’re not playing, to see how other people play and learn the rules.
  • Play as many freerolls as possible. Free chips! Not to mention plenty of learning opportunities.

As an enthusiastic amateur:

  • Try to be realistic about why you win or lose so you don’t deceiving yourself about your abilities or shortcomings.
  • Make actual (not mental) notes on your regular opponents.
  • Find out all the regular promotions work, like leagues and leaderboards, so you can capitalize on them better. There’s a thread on the Replay Poker forum about the differences between playing for various leaderboards.

As a savvy high-roller:

  • Analyze your bankroll management so you know that you’re playing at the right stakes. This includes moving up when you’re ready!
  • Find a poker resource you enjoy, such as on YouTube or Twitch, and watch some tutorial videos.
  • Make friends on Replay and ask them for their thoughts about interesting hands you played. The poker strategy area of our forum is a great place to meet others and talk out advanced tactics.

Which of these categories do you see yourself in, and what are your goals for the new year?