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Who stuffed themselves with chips this November?

December 1, 2022

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November served up a cornucopia of chips! Poki65 and VegaOrion took home multiple wins in the Veterans Day Ring Challenge. The Gobble Games Grand Finals kept GreilM9, Yooper48, LOBS, and johnteetee well fed. And the Replay Poker Online Series wrapped up its 10th year with madmac14 as the final winner! You can find the game they named, Warp Speed, in the MTT lobby at 19:30ET each day.

Check out all of November’s leaderboard winners:

Monthly SnG LB – Low – Winners: satchypaul | sonic1 | JamesGraham
Monthly SnG LB – Medium – Winners: sydney54 | rahcaj | coolcat6
Monthly SnG LB – High – Winners: CactusKatie| 35cent | JackSpor
Monthly MTT LB – Hold’em Low – Winners: kw3536 | daaned | Txloanguy
Monthly MTT LB – Hold’em Medium – Winners: rogerrabbit1a | sas-9999 | bigrick1952
Monthly MTT LB – Hold’em High – Winners: Soultaker666 | TheSilent1 | AA–Suited
Monthly MTT LB – Omaha Hi-Lo – Winners: wcreed63 | Quazar53 | bradleyson
Monthly MTT LB – Omaha – Winners: callnow | ZeFab | ant1j
Monthly MTT LB – Royal – Winners: Skalar37 | lLaVidaLucky | tink92669
American League – Winners: Kingcoal | pmv | tomkat287
Asian League – Winners: Dellon747 | ChicagoSerbs | kes0506
European League – Winners: LarryLaffer | Galak | VZo
Oceanic League – Winners: cas- | LLOYD12 | PTSpade

The festive season is here, and Santa Claus is back on Replay Poker! Make sure to join in on Santa’s Christmas Festival this December for some excellent stocking stuffers.