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Whether you’re the type to kick it old skool or a Hold’em player looking for a little variety in your poker diet, 7 Card Stud is a classic poker game filled with twists and turns. And when you add split pots into the game – half going to the high hand, and half to the low – it gets even more interesting! 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo is another authentic online poker experience brought to you by Replay Poker. Available in ring games, multi-table tournaments and Sit’N’Go formats, you’ll always find a game running and a seat open. But how do you actually play the game? Read on for our beginner’s guide to 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo, and when you’re ready to try it out for yourself just hit the button – all you need is an email address to get started!
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How to Play 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo Online

The game 7 Card Stud is an early forerunner of Texas Hold’em, with all players using seven cards to create their strongest five-card poker hand. The major differences are:
  • There are no community cards
  • Players receive two hole cards and one up card, followed by 3 more up cards before receiving a final hole card. All cards may be used only by the player who was dealt them
  • Betting is in fixed units
This last point means that Stud poker is generally played as a fixed limit game, as opposed to ‘big bet’ games like Texas Hold’em or Omaha which tend to follow no limit or pot limit formats. All bets in fixed limit games are usually made in one of two unit-sizes – small and big. 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo uses the small bet sizes up to and including fourth street (see below), and big bets after that. The result is a game where it is harder to slow-play, to spring traps and suddenly turn the tables on your opponent with a shrewd all-in shove for all your chips. Instead, Stud rewards sharp intellects and an understanding of probabilities. Each hand is likely to see players looking to save, or win, smaller amounts than you might expect in a no limit hold’em game, for example, so discipline is needed to make sure you play as well as you can and rack up the chips! Let’s look at a hand of 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo and how it plays out, card by card.
7 card stud hi lo

Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo – Step by Step

Third Street at 7 card stud

1. The Deal (aka Third Street)

Two hole cards and one up-card are dealt to all players in the hand. Up-cards are dealt face-up, and all players can see them while the player remains in the pot. The player with the lowest up-card must ‘bring it in’ with a forced bet – similar to how the blinds get the betting start in other poker games.

Fourth Street at 7 card stud

2. Fourth Street

Another up-card is dealt. The player showing the best hand in their two up-cards, whether a pair or a high card, is first to act. Another betting round follows, using small bets.

Fifth Street at 7 card stud

3. Fifth Street

Another up-card is dealt and the best visible hand is first to act. Another betting round follows, using big bets.

Sixth Street at 7 card stud

4. Sixth Street

The last up-card is dealt to all remaining players and a betting round ensues.

Seventh Street at 7 card stud

5. Seventh Street

The final card of the hand is dealt face-down to all remaining players, and once again the strongest visible hand is first to act in the subsequent betting round.

Showdown at 7 card stud

6. Showdown

All cards are revealed and the winners collect their chips. Note the plural, ‘winners’: Hi/Lo or ‘split pot’ games divide the pot into two halves, awarding one to the best traditional poker hand and one to the lowest hand. But watch out – for the low hand to qualify, it cannot contain any pairs or cards higher than an eight (flushes and straights still qualify for low).

7 Card Stud Hi/Lo Promotions and Leaderboards

Along with games like Texas Hold’em, Royal Poker, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and traditional 7 Card Stud, Replay Poker offers 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo for a wide range of different stakes and formats. Whether you’re a tournament player or prefer the free-flowing rhythm of a ring game, you’ll find a game waiting for you at Replay Poker. What’s more, our regular Leaderboards are always there to provide even more to aim for at the tables, as they award top performers with bonus chips every week! For the latest promos, festivals and fun, check in on our promotions section, while our friendly and helpful community is always ready to help answer any questions – or just shoot the breeze – in our busy and helpful poker forums.
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