Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install any software to be able to play?

No, however your web browser must have Adobe Flash Player installed. In the unlikely event you do not have this you can download it for free.

Can I play on a Mac or Linux?

Yes, absolutely!

Do I need any specific ports open to be able to play?

If you're behind a firewall then you need to make sure ports 5011 to 5018 are open.

Can I play on my phone or tablet?

If you have an Android based phone or tablet Replay Poker should work but we don't recommend it as Replay Poker is not optimized for these platforms. If you have an Apple product (such as iPad, iPhone and iPod) you won't be to play on them, since these platforms have no support for the Flash technology we currently use for the game. The good news is that we are currently working on a version of Replay Poker that will work on most phones and tablets as a downloadable application.

How is my rank calculated?

At the moment the ranking is based purely on how many chips you have, and is updated each day at midnight CST. We have plans to improve it to make it a better reflection of player skill.

What are tickets used for?

Tickets are awarded to players who place in our satellite tournaments. Once you have a ticket, you can register for a special tournament.

What are tournament points used for?

Tournament points are currently only used by the tournament toplist page as a way to rank players based on their tournament performance.

Why didn't I receive my referral bonus when I invited my friend?

If you haven't received your referral bonus it could be for a number of reasons. You friend must sign up AND activate their account. They must not be in the same household as you. Finally they must use your special referral link which you'll find on your invite page so we can properly track their sign up.

Can I change my username?

Sure, just send us a message via the (?) button on the top of every page or email us and let us know what you'd like to change it to. It's worth checking first if someone is already using it.

Why do you allow players to sit out the whole tournament?

Once a player has paid their entry, they are entitled to play (or not play) every hand that their chips will buy them. A player who is sitting out actually puts his opponents at a significant advantage. The player who is sitting out is still forced to pay his blinds and antes, and is never able to build his stack. It's best to think of a player who is sitting out as simply folding every hand. This is a completely legal tactic, as it is up to any individual player to decide his own best strategy. For this reason, almost every online poker room allows entrants to sit out indefinitely during a tournament.

How can I apply to be a moderator or translator?

You can apply by sending us a message via the (?) button on the top of every page or email us. Let us know why you think you'd be a good fit for the role, then we'll get back to you with further information.

How can I be sure I'm getting a fair game at Replay Poker?

We guarantee that the RNG we use in our poker software and our shuffling algorithm are 100% fair. These have both been independently tested and certified by a independent testing laboratory called Gaming Associates to the highest standards required for real money poker.