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Playing a poker tournament is a different experience to that which you’d find in a regular ring game. Each player starts with the same chip stack, with blinds rising regularly until only one player remains.

With the danger of elimination always present, skills like aggression, patience and good timing are key when you know any hand could be your last.

Below you’ll find details of our wide range of online poker tournaments, ready to play for free every day of the year, plus the tournament leagues and leaderboards that provide an extra level of challenge – as well as bonus chips!

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Types of Online Poker Tournament

Whatever your favorite poker game, Replay Poker has a tournament for you starting soon! From Texas Hold’em tournaments to Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, hi-lo versions of both and even our special Royal Hold’em game, you’ll always find a great choice available.

Different buy-in levels, limits and speeds – including Turbo Tournaments – mean we have tournaments to suit every type of player, and many offer rebuys and add-ons for more chances to win and bigger prize pools.

And once you’ve chosen the game you want to play, you can choose from even more tournament types:

Types of poker tournaments
Freeroll Trophy

Freeroll Poker Tournaments

give you the chance to win real chips without spending any of your own. They’re a great way to build up your experience – and your bankroll – with no risk, and there’s one starting every hour!

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Sit&Go Trophy

Sit and Go Poker Tournaments

start as soon as the required number of entrants are registered, from just two players up to a few tables.

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Mtt Trophies

Multi-Table Tournaments

or MTTs, begin at a scheduled time and usually feature a late registration period, often with 100+ players competing for big prizes (many MTTs feature guaranteed prize pools).

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Bust The Staff

Bounty Tournaments

award prizes for every player you eliminate, as well as for those who reach the latter stages. Keep an eye out for the monthly Bust The Staff tournaments, where you’ll win 1,000 chips for every player you knock out – and up to 50,000 chips if they’re a member of the Replay Poker team!

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Satellite Tournaments

Satellite Tournaments

usually feature a low cost of entry but award tickets to other tourneys with much higher buy-ins. For players with limited bankrolls looking to play high-stakes poker satellite tournaments are a great way to skip the grind and head straight for the big prizes!

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Online Poker Tournament Leagues & Leaderboards

A huge amount of bonus chips is awarded to those players who finish high on our tournament leaderboards, but unlike many other poker sites you don’t need to be a full-time poker grinder to get your hands on them!

MTT Leaderboards


Separate weekly leaderboards operate for different buy-in levels, from 2,500 chip tournaments up to those costing 250k, in the Gemstone League. What’s more, you can succeed by either recording your best seven results in a week, or by doing well in the first seven tournaments you play.


Even more bonus chips can be won if your top 180 results of the calendar year are enough to get you into the top 50 of the annual leaderboards, available for different buy-in levels and featuring separate competitions for Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Royal Hold’em and Omaha Hi-Lo players.


Your top 30 tournament results in a calendar month are collected, with millions of chips up for grabs for those players who make the top 50 on the leaderboard. Low, medium and high-stakes leaderboards make sure that every Texas Hold’em player has an equal opportunity to win some bonus chips, while Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo and Royal Hold’em players also have their own contests.


Want to challenge the best players in your area? Monthly leaderboards for players in the American, Asian, Oceanic and European regions are awarding even more bonus chips! Points for each leaderboard are awarded in tournaments that run at peak times in each region.

Sit and Go Leaderboards

Astral League

Sit and Go players have even more bonus chips to play for in these weekly leaderboards, again spread across different buy-in levels to ensure that every player is able to compete, no matter the size of their bankroll.

Prizes for your first 20 results, as well as your best 20 results, mean that it’s not just the players who are able to play every day who are in with a great chance to win!


Community Freerolls

Want more chances to win piles of chips for free? Check out our Community Freerolls, running six times every day and awarding over 4 million chips a week!

These exclusive tournaments are only available with a password you can get from Replay Poker on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Passwords are posted every Sunday and, while you don’t need an account on any of these platforms to be able to view the passwords, if you do follow Replay Poker you’ll be the first to hear all our latest news and promotions.

Find out more about our Community Freerolls here.

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