[2016-17] MTT Yearly LB - Royal

Every year, 5 millions chips will be shared between the best performers in Replay Poker's Royal multi-table tournaments.

Each participant who manages to finish amongst the top 50% in a relevant tournament will be awarded with tournament points going towards their yearly leaderboard position.

The tournament points earned in your Top 75 played tournaments will determine your ranking on the leaderboard.

Each yearly leaderboard starts on the first day of the year at 00:00 ET and ends on the last day of the year at 23:59 ET.

Tournament points are calculated with the formula below:

(1,000 × (√Runners)/√(Finishing Position))×(1+log(Buy-in))

For example, if a player enters a tournament featuring a buy-in of 10,000 chips and finishes 6th out of 200 runners, the player will receive 28,868 points.

(1,000 × (√200)/√6)×(1+log(10,000)) = 5,773.5 × 5 = 28,868 points

Tournament points are only awarded to players finishing in the top 50% (inclusive) of entrants, and who were present (not away) for at least 50% of the hands in their tournament.

Note: Heads-up tournaments, Freeroll tournaments and Satellite tournaments are not included.
Note 2: All games starting prior 23:59 ET in the last day of the year will be included in the leaderboard.

Head over the Multi-Table Tournament Lobby, and start climbing the leaderboard playing our Royal multi-table tournaments.


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