7 Card Stud Hi Saga

The 7 Samurai have their own story to tell, this promotion however, is about your saga. Will you rise up and lead the nation? Will you answer the call of the 7?

Starting, Monday, April 18th, through Sunday, April 24th, this is your chance to show the Stud community that you are that special Samurai that can master the art of cards.

7 Card Stud Saga is a two part promotion, with the Hi/Lo version arriving later in the year. 7 Card Stud Hi Saga is a promotion that will bring two fresh daily leaderboards with 500,000 chips paid out to the top 30 players with the most Tournament Points in your first 7 and best 7 games over the course of the day.

In order to get involved, you will need to play a minimum of 7 games of Stud Hi SnGs.


Date Game Buyin Seats Paid Starting Chips Clock
04/18-04/24 7 Card Stud 5,000 6 Max Top 2 3,000 7 Mins


Leaderboard Prize Pool Prize Positions
Daily First 7 - Stud Hi 500,000 Free Chips Top 30
Daily Best 7 - Stud Hi 500,000 Free Chips Top 30

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