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Bust The Staff! - Omaha

Welcome to a very special edition of Bust The Staff! Are you ready for double the added prizes and double the bounties?

For this iteration of Bust The Staff we are adding two million chips to the prize pool! Each player you bust nets you 1,000. Each Volunteer you bust out earns you a sweet 50k chips and if you are skilled enough to eliminate a staff member, then you will collect a whopping 100k! The best news is that the price of entry is still the same, 1,000 chips!

The difference in this version is simple, the game changes to Omaha for one night only. Come and test your four card skills against the rest of the site in this special one off.

If you are new to Omaha, we have a question and answer thread over in the forum. Click here to join in the discussion and pick up some basic tips for the tournament.

Please note that this special tournament does not count towards the yearly leaderboards for Bust The Staff. It is a one off, self contained event.

You can easily spot a staff member -- they have a gold star next to their name on the game table!

With a buy-in of just 1,000 chips, everyone can play! Will you be the last player standing?