Gemstones Double Guarantee Week - Ruby

Our Gemstone MTT Leagues are a fantastic way to hone your MTT skills and get rewarded at the end of the week in our league. The higher you place on each week's league, the more you earn!

Each Tier of Gemstone MTT has its own unique league, meaning there is always a game suiting any bankroll.

For the week starting Monday, April 29th, through Sunday, May 5th, Replay Poker will be focusing on the Ruby League and we are doubling the guarantee on every tournament for this week! This means we are giving away a total of 23,100,000 free chips over the course of the week, and all you have to do to claim your share, is play!


Tournament Name Time Schedule Buy-in 2x Prize Pool
Monster Jam 00:30 ET 2.5K 400K GTD
The Worm 03:30 ET 2.5K 400K GTD
Rapid River 06:30 ET 2.5K 400K GTD
Texas Rally 09:30 ET 2.5K 400K GTD
Kick Starter 12:30 ET 2.5K 400K GTD
World of Antes 15:30 ET 2.5K 400K GTD
Blistering Heat 18:30 ET 2.5K 500K GTD
Hold'em Arena 21:30 ET 2.5K 400K GTD

Want to learn more about all the Hold'em variants? Check out the exciting game rules at our Help link at the bottom of each Lobby and Dashboard page.