Halloween Bounty Battle +Rebuy

Trick or Treat, on a bad beat, give me all your chips to eat! It's the time of year to scare away the ghouls, ghosts, and zombies. But it just wouldn't be Halloween without goodies and we're here to provide! Get into the spirit of the season and win some sweet, sweet victory treats.

The promotion Halloween Bounty Battle +Rebuy starts Sunday, October 25th to Sunday, November 1st.


From October 25th to Nov 1st.
Start time: 00:15, 3:15, 6:15, 9:15,12:15, 15:15, 18:15, 21:15 ET.

Tournament Format Buy-in Bounty Rebuy Add-on Extra added to Prize Pool
Bounty Battle +R NL Holdem Turbo Knockout 1K 360 chips unlimited first 30 mins avaliable 15K

"Bounty Battle +R" will run every 3 hours and is a new format! A short explanation:

  • 1000 play chips to register (Bounty included)
  • 1500 chips to start the tournament
  • When you have between 1 and 1500 tournament chips, you may rebuy 1500 tournament chips -- just click on the chips tray / Add Chips (Costs 540 play chips)
  • When you have 0 chips left, you may rebuy your bounty and the tournament chips (costs 900 play chips or 1440 play chips when you rebuy your bounty and double amount of tournament chips)

The Halloween treats come from Replay Poker. But you're welcome to bring your own snacks.

15K will be added to the Prize Pool of all "Bounty Battle +R" Tournaments.

The leaderboard Halloween Bounty Hunters
Top 25 who busted out the most players will win a share of 3 Million Chips.!


The leaderboard Halloween Survivors
Top 18 who gained the most tournaments points in their 20 best played "Bounty Battle +R" will win a share of 3 Million Chips!

*Please note the Bounty Battle +R tournaments replace the Bankroll Builders with the buy-in of 250 chips +R during the promotion.

Head over now to the Multi-Table Tournament Lobby and join the fun! Good luck at the tables!