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Halloween Harvest

Ever wondered why vampires are so into the Replay Poker newsletter? It's because it has great circulation!

Join us this Halloween, from Monday October 29th through Sunday November 4th for our SPOOKTACULAR SnG promotion!

Look out for our special, 9 handed Hold'em Turbo SnGs that will appear in Orange in the lobby. They feed into two leaderboards, each with a total payout of two million chips for the top 50 participants. You can earn points for each Knock Out that you make and for your finishing positions.

The first leaderboard is based on total tournament points throughout the promotion. Each player's total number of tournament points earned during the promotion period will determine their position on this first leaderboard. In the second leaderboard, we will be tracking and rewarding players for the number of opponents they knock out when playing these exclusive Halloween Harvest SnG games.


Leaderboard Prize Pool Paid Positions
Tournament Points 2 Million chips Top 50
Knockouts 2 Million chips Top 50

Feast on Halloween success and head over to the Sit&Go Tournament Lobby to register now!

The promotion is based on SnG tournament points, which you can learn more about here.