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Hand Of The Month

Welcome to Hand Of The Month, a community driven promotion that gives you a chance to win 500,000 in chips for sharing the most interesting hand that you played (or witnessed) this month.

After a hand is selected, we'll be posting our thoughts on the Replay Poker blog and sharing the link on our forum. We want to hear from you as well, so not only will the player who submits the chosen hand receive 500,000 chips, we'll be giving away 50,000 to random players who participate in the discussion!

To be in with a chance of winning, send us the most interesting hand that you played or witnessed during the current month. The tricky part is choosing which hand to send!

Hands that stand the best chance of winning the prize are those that include an insight to your thought process. As an example, a hand where the board is a Royal Flush is very cool and rare, but we are looking for more than statistical anomalies. If you make a huge bluff let us know why you thought it would work. If you called a big bluff with a mediocre hand, tell us why and you could be in with a chance to win!

You also did not have to play the hand you send in, you just have to find it interesting and explain why.

To get involved, submit your interesting hands to our Hand of the Month e-mail address: hotm@replaypoker.com We will not be able to confirm receipt of your entry, but all submissions will be reviewed by our experienced staff members.

Please make sure to include; the hand ID & your reasons/thought processes. The hand must be played in the current month to be considered for a prize.

Submissions being accepted for December 2018 - Last day for Submissions: 12/31/18


Month Player Name Hand ID
September 2018 KEEPNET 431426979
October 2018 big7slick 440676183
November 2018 TelegramSam 449419858
December 2018 puggywug 458291160