My Royal Valentine Ring Games

Greetings poker lovers! Happy Valentines!

To celebrate Valentine's day, we have a Royal promotion with a king's ransom in prizes to be shared by the winners.

From Monday, February 11th through Sunday, February 17th Replay Poker is hosting a special Low Stakes Ring Game promotion, My Royal Valentine Ring Games.

We are debuting a new scoring metric in this promotion, called Ring Game Points.


Ring Game Points are calculated by weighting duration (hands played) and profitability. (Big Blinds won or lost)

When you leave the table:
For each hand you are dealt in which is at least 3 handed, you earn 1 Ring game point.
You also earn 1 point for every 5 Big Blinds of profit in the session. If you win a part of a Big Blind, it is rounded up to the nearest whole Big Blind amount. (In sessions where you have lost Big Blinds, the total amount is rounded down to the nearest whole amount.)

For example:

1) By playing 25 hands and winning 1,090 chips at a 50/100 table. You would earn 31 Ring Game Points.

25 Hands Played + 10.9 Big blinds won (which scores you 11 x 0.2 points =5.5). Therefore;

2) By playing 25 hands and losing 650 chips at a 50/100 table, you earn 24 Ring Game Points.

25 Hands Played + -6.5 Big blinds (which scores you -6 x 0.2 points = -1.2). Therefore;
25-1 = 24

There are two leaderboards available for this promotion, which are based on stake groups.


Leaderboard Start Date Game Stake Range Seats Prizes Players Paid
Valentines 2 Million 02/11 Royal 2/4 - 5/10 6 Max 2,000,000 Free Chips Top 50
Valentines 3 Million 02/11 Royal 10/20 - 50/100 6 Max 3,000,000 Free Chips Top 50

Get on down to the Ring Table Lobby and join in the action and you could be handsomely rewarded this February!

Important Information-
Only hands with three or more players will qualify as a hand played or register any big blinds won or lost.
Hands played before 00:00 ET on 02/11 and after 23:59 ET on 02/17 will not count. Your session must start and end during these times to register your score.

New to poker? Check out the exciting game rules at our new Help link at the bottom of each Lobby and Dashboard page.