Omaha Pursuit

Will you be a pacesetter, or wait to strike from the back of the pack? Our Omaha Pursuit sit and go promotion gives everyone a chance to win each day; with two 250,000 chip daily leaderboards!

Starting Monday, July 19th through Sunday, July 25th come and test your skills in our Omaha Super Turbo Sit and Gos. You can play as many as you wish in a day to have a chance to win a share of the leaderboard prizes.

The first leaderboard will measure the number of Tournament Points earned during your first seven games each day. The second leaderboard measures the total number of wins you have earned in a given day.

If you have a tough day, there is always tomorrow!


Speed Game Buyin Seats Paid Starting Chips Clock
Hyper Turbo PL Omaha 500 9 Max Top 3 1,500 4 Mins


Leaderboard Prize Pool Prize Positions
First 7 Results Daily 250,000 Free Chips Top 20
Number of Wins Daily 250,000 Free Chips Top 20

Head over the Sit and Go Lobby, and start climbing the leaderboard playing our Omaha Pursuit SnGs.