Royal Rumble

Ladies and gentlemen...."Let's get ready to rumble!"

It's time to don that leotard and enter the ring, it's fight night here at Replay Poker and you could win big by knocking your opponents out cold!

Starting Monday, August 2nd, through Sunday, August 8th Replay Poker will be hosting 8 Royal Rumble MTTs per day, each with an added 50,000 chips and all you have to do to win on the amazing 400,000 chip leaderboard is knock people out.

Tournaments will start at the following times (ET):

| 00:15 | 03:15 | 06:15 | 09:15 | 12:15 | 15:15 | 18:15 | 21:15 |

So head on over to the MTT Lobby to get involved.

Royal Rumble Tournament Details

Game Entry Fee Format Added Prize Pool Blind Length
Royal 2,500 6 players, Regular 50,000 8 Mins

Royal Rumble KO Leaderboard

Leaderboard Prize Pool Prize Positions
Weekly KOs 400,000 Free Chips Top 10

If you are new to Royal, you can learn more about the game by visiting here or search out other articles in our knowledge base.