Royal SnG Challenge 2023

Ladies and gentlemen of the Replay Royal community, please welcome back our yearly Royal SnG Challenge!

Running from Monday, August 7, through Sunday, August 13th, The Royal SnG Challenge is a competition that rewards you for playing at least seven SnG a day.

Every day two new leaderboards will spawn: the first measures the scores from your first seven games only, while the second leaderboard measures your best seven scores over any number of SnG over the day.

If your score is in the top 30 of either leaderboard, you will win a share of 500,000 free chips!

So head on over to the SnG Lobby to find the games and see if you can claim the crown of the Replay’s Royal SnG challenge!


Leaderboard Prize Pool Prize Positions
Daily Best Seven 500,000 Free Chips Top 30
Daily First Seven 500,000 Free Chips Top 30