RPOS V - League of Legends

During the RPOS V Tournament Events, from Sunday, October 22nd through Sunday, October 29th, we'll be tracking players' performance in our League of Legends two leaderboards.

10 Million Play Chips will be awarded to the the top players in the series. The prizes will be distributed in two separate tournament point leaderboards, as per the below.

Leaderboard Type Prize Pool Paid Positions
All Points All tournament points count 5 Million free chips Top 50
Top 8 Results Best 8 tournament point results count 5 Million free chips Top 50

Note: RPOS V tournaments will be distributing tournament points to all participants. However, player's perfornance will only be taken into account in the League of Legends leaderboards. These are excluded from other leagues and leaderboards.

Head on over now to the Multi-Table Tournament Lobby and join the fun!