RPOS VI - League of Legends

This leaderboard is attached to the RPOS VI – League of Legends promotion.

This promotion runs from Monday, September 10th, 2018 through Sunday, September 30th, 2018. The Top 18 players, who accumulate the most tournament points playing our RPOS VI – League of Legends tournaments will win a share of 5 Million bonus chips!


The points a player earns in a tournament are calculated:

(1000 × ( √Runners)/√(Finishing Position))×(1.01+log10(buyin))

For example, if a player enters a tournament with a buy-in of 5,000 chips and 200 runners and the player finishes in 6th place the player will receive 27,193 points towards their leaderboard position:

(1000 × ( √200)/√6)×(1,01+log10(5000)) = 5773.50 ×4.71 = 27,193 Points

Tournament points are only awarded to players who were present (not away) for at least 50% of the hands in their tournament.