RTC 2024 - Prizes

We are pleased to announce that The Replay Team Championship 2024 will have special swag prizes for the overall winners of the event. These are one of a kind, Replay branded hoodies to commemorate this event.

Bu that's not all! Teams placing 2nd to 6th will receive an awesome RTC 2024 T-Shirt! And finally, all players that make the Quarter-Final or further will win a chip prize! The total prizepool for this year's edition is in excess of 50,000,000 chips, so there will be plenty for everyone to share!

All tournaments over the four week qualifying tournament will have 1,000,000 free chips added to each event! See more details in the table below:

Date Stage Eliminated Max Prize Per Player Swag Prize
07/13 Quarter-Final 175,000 Chips None
07/20 Semi-Final 350,000 Chips None
07/27 Grand Final 2,500,000 Chips Custom T-Shirt
07/27 Winning Team 5,000,000 Chips Winner's Custom Hoodie