RTC 2024 - Scoring

This year, we are keeping our MVP scoring system to the Replay Team Championship 2024.

Each week, team members will score points based upon their tournament performance.

The three team member's individual scores will total up to a weekly team score. The four weekly team scores will add up to an overall qualifying stage team score. In order for your team to progress to the knockout stages, you will need to finish in the top 24 teams.

This year the scoring will be based on the number of entrants in the contest. As an example, if 100 teams enter the competition, then first place in any given event will score 100 points (equal to the total number of entrants) and 100th place will score 1 point.


There are 100 teams in the event and Team "ChasedTheRiver" has the following results:

  • Player A - 1st Place = 100 Points.
  • Player B - 50th Place = 51 Points.
  • Player C - 99th Place = 2 Points.

Team Total for Week 1 = 153 Points.

We are unable to offer a substitute facility for this event, however we are able to offer a scoring modification to help mitigate any missing weeks. For this contest, your team's three lowest individual scores will be removed from your team's total score.

If there are any team point total tied scores in the knockout stages, then the tiebreaker will be whichever team scored a higher point total in the qualifying games will progress.


No scores just yet, check back soon!