RTC - How It Works

The Replay Team Championship is a seven week long team play competition focusing on weekly point accrual in order for teams to qualify and progress to the later stages.

For this competition, each team will be composed three members including one team captain. Each team member will be assigned a letter: A, B or C. Player A will always be the captain of the team. Team captains are responsible for registering the team, managing it and resolving any in-team disputes.

Each Saturday at 3PM ET and starting from June 22nd, three no limit hold'em tournaments will be scheduled. These tournaments will be named Replay Team Championship A, B and C. Each tournament will be played by the corresponding member of each team. This structure will ensure the integrity of the competition, as no player will ever directly be playing with a team mate in the same tournament or at the same table.

Each week, team members will score tournament points for their tournament performance. The three team member individual scores will total up to a weekly team score. The weekly team scores will add up to an overall qualifying stage team score.

The Replay Team Championship is composed of four stages:
- The first qualifying stage last four weeks. The top 24 teams with the highest score will go through to the quarter finals.
- The quarter finals last one week. The top 12 teams with the highest score will go though to the semi finals.
- The semi-finals last one week. The top 6 teams with the highest score will go though to the finals.
- The finals last one week. Only one team will be crowned Replay Team Championship Champions.

Below is the detailed schedule of the competition

Date Time ET Event Name Buyin Added Prizepool per tournament
06/22 3PM Qualifying Stage - Week 1 Free 1,000,000 Free Chips
06/29 3PM Qualifying Stage - Week 2 Free 1,000,000 Free Chips
07/06 3PM Qualifying Stage - Week 3 Free 1,000,000 Free Chips
07/013 3PM Qualifying Stage - Week 4 Free 1,000,000 Free Chips
07/20 3PM Quarter-Finals - 24 Teams Free Prizes Only
07/27 3PM Semi-Finals - 12 Teams Free Prizes Only
08/03 3PM Grand Final - 6 Teams Free Prizes Only

Additionnal Notes:
- If a player misses a tournament, the player will score 0 for the team on that week
- No substitute or joker allowed. Teams are locked in for the duration of the event.
- It is possible to tie 24th place, but only 24 teams will advance. The tie breaker will be; "The highest individual finish by any team member." If two teams tie this, it will go between the next two highest finishers on those teams.