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SCF 2017 - Santa’s Bust the Staff!

On December 21st, you’ll have the chance to drop a lump of coal in each Replay Volunteer’s Christmas stocking and knock the star off Replay staff’s Christmas tree! For our very special Santa’s Bust the Staff! tournament, Santa is doubling the free chips in the regular prize pool, and this creates an extravagant prize pool of 2 Million chips!

We give new meaning to bountiful! Each of your knockouts will fill your stocking with bounty chips – 50K for each staff member, 10K for each volunteer and 1K for each player! Come on in, take a seat and join us on Thursday, December 21st for our most popular tournament of the year!

Event Date Time ET Buy-in Format Guarantee Player Bounty Volunteer Bounty Staff Bounty Registration
Santa's Bust the Staff! December 21 16:00 1,000 NL Hold'em 2M 1K chips 10K chips 50K chips Open Now

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