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Spring SnG Marathon

Our most thrilling Sit'n'Go competition is back! You will need skill, patience, energy and surely quite some volume of play to have a chance at winning our Spring SnG Marathon! Do you have what it takes?

moonmanld is our double SnG Marathon champion and is expected to be among the tough competition in this contest. Will you be the one to take his crown, or will he claim the triple crown? This would be truly legendary.

From Friday, April 21st through Sunday, April 30th join the competition and accumulate as many tournament points and knockouts as possible playing these exciting NL Hold'em SnGs:

SnG Tournament Game Type Buy-in Seats
Spring SnG Marathon NL Hold'em 500 24
Spring SnG Marathon NL Hold'em 1.5K 12
Spring SnG Marathon NL Hold'em 3K 6

Throughout the 10 days of the Spring SnG Marathon, we'll be tracking everyone's performance with two distinct leaderboards: one towards tournaments points and one towards knockouts. Each leaderboard will reward the Top 50 players with a share of 3 million in play chip prizes! The two leaderboards amount for an exceptional and hefty prize pool of 6 millions chips!

Leaderboard Scoring Type Prize Pool
Points Leaderboard Tournament Points 3 Millions in Free Chips
Knockouts Leaderboard Knockouts 3 Millions in Free Chips

Note: Tournament points earned in the Spring Marathon SnG tournaments also count towards the SnG Leaderboard - Low.

Head over now to the SnG Lobby and join the fun!

New to Texas Hold'em? Check out the exciting game rules at our Poker Rules link at the bottom of each Lobby and Dashboard page.