Stud Tournament Spectacular

If you love Stud, then you are sure to love Replay Poker's Stud Tournament Spectacular! This is a brand new promotion that offers Stud Hi and Stud Hi/Lo tournaments every two hours for a full week!

Starting Monday, June 27th, through Sunday, July 3rd you can take part in this spectacular promotion by playing in our special 5,000 chip entry MTTs.

In order to win a share of the 7,000,000 chips on offer you will need to place in the top 30 of one of two weekly leaderboards. The first leaderboard measures how many Tournament Points you earn over the course of the week. The second leaderboard measures how many players you have knocked out over the course of the week.

If you finish in the top 30 of either leaderboard, you will win a share of 7,000,000 chips!

In addition, every Seven Card Stud Spectacular MTT has 150,000 chips added to the prizepool!


Leaderboard Prize Pool Prize Positions
Weekly Tournament Points 3,500,000 Free Chips Top 30
Weekly Knockouts 3,500,000 Free Chips Top 30