Super Bowl Double Guarantees!

The Super Bowl happens only once a year and is one of the most watched events in the world. We wanted to make this day a special one on Replay Poker as well, so we are offering you our best guarantees for each tournament scheduled on Super Bowl Sunday.

On Sunday, February 2nd, play for twice the usual amount as each guaranteed tournament, satellite, and freeroll will see its guarantee doubled. Holy moley!

This means more than 20 Million chips in guaranteed and added prize pools are offered on this day and you could win all this while you're watching the biggest football game of the year! When you add some hot wings and pizza into the mix, how could this day possibly get any better?

Below are some of the major events scheduled on this day:

Time Tournament Name Buy-in (chips) Prize Pool
00:00 ET Welcome to Hold'em 15,000 600,000 Guaranteed
13:00 ET Bounty Hunter 10,000 300,000 Guaranteed
14:00 ET Open Happiness 5,000 300,000 Guaranteed
15:00 ET Sunday Million 1 15,000 2 Million Added
16:00 ET Lunar Storm 10,000 400,000 Guaranteed
17:00 ET Will Hunting 5,000 300,000 Guaranteed
18:30 ET The Mad Express 10,000 500,000 Guaranteed
20:30 ET Big Guess 250,000 4 Million Guaranteed
21:00 ET Sunday Million 2 15,000 2 Million Added
22:00 ET Bounty Brawl 10,000 400,000 Guaranteed
22:30 ET Dare it 100,000 3 Million Guaranteed

To join in the fun, head over this weekend to the Multi-Table Tournament Lobby and register for these special guaranteed tournaments.