The Four Card Tango 2021

The Vogue, The Monster Mash, The Moonwalk, The Floss.... Some of the greatest dances in history, but are you a master of the moves?

Welcome back to the dance-floor of the Replay Poker Bar and Dancing Hall. The floor is crowded and to stand out in this NL Omaha Ring Game promotion, you will need to show off your best moves!

From Monday, May 31st through Sunday, June 6th, come and play Low Stakes NL Omaha to earn Ring Game Points. If you are in the top 30 highest point scorers each day, then you will win a share of 750,000 free chips!

Each day brings a fresh leaderboard and a new chance to earn your share of the prizes.


2/4 5/10 10/20 25/50 50/100
NL Omaha NL Omaha NL Omaha NL Omaha NL Omaha


Leaderboard Daily Prize Pool Daily Prize Positions Stakes
NL Omaha Daily Ring Game Points 750,000 Free Chips Top 30 Low

Important Notes:
-Only hands played between 00:00 Monday, May 30th until 23:59 ET Sunday, June 6th will count. Make sure to stop before this time to have your score register.

Want to learn more about NL Omaha? Check out the exciting game rules at our Help link at the bottom of each Lobby and Dashboard page.