The Replay Ring Challenge

Are you tired of promotions that require a full week of play to win a prize? The Replay Ring Challenge is here to shake everything up!

The Replay Ring Challenge is a three week long ring game promotion that features daily & weekly leaderboards, we are giving away over 9,000,000 chips during the event!

From Sunday, January 19th through Saturday, February 8th, play at our turbo, Low stakes No Limit Hold'em tables and you could be in with a chance to win big! For this promotion, we have split the low stakes into three tiers:

Low 1: 1/2 - 2/4
Low 2: 5/10 - 10/20
Low 3: 25/50 - 50/100

Each of the three tiers has it's own daily and weekly leaderboards to compete on. Simply play and earn Ring Game Points to be in with a chance to win!

The Replay Ring Challenge Daily Leaderboards

Stake Daily Prize Pool Prize Positions
Daily Low 1 (1/2 - 2/4) 50K Chips Top 20
Daily Low 2 (5/10 - 10/20) 100K Chips Top 20
Daily Low 3 (25/50 - 50/100) 150K Chips Top 20

The Replay Ring Challenge Weekly Leaderboards

Stake Weekly Prize Pool Prize Positions
Weekly Low 1 (1/2 - 2/4) 150K Chips Top 20
Weekly Low 2 (5/10 - 10/20) 300K Chips Top 20
Weekly Low 3 (25/50 - 50/100) 450K Chips Top 20

Important Notes:
Only hands with 3 or more players dealt in will count in the Leaderboards.
Only Ring game sessions that start after 00:00 ET on Sunday, January 19th and end before 23:59 ET on Saturday, February 8th will count for the Leaderboards.
Ring Game Points earned will only count for the stake level the game was played at. Scores generated in the "Low: 1" stakes games (1/2 -2/4) will only count towards the "Low: 1" leaderboard, even if you play any other stake in the same time period.

Come join your friends! Head on over to the Ring Lobby and register to play!